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With your 100 % you are: You are Charlie Brown! A big loser, who gets picked on a lot, can't fly a kite to save his life, and hides from pretty girls. But, let's face it, everyone has a little Charlie Brown in them somewhere (some more than others), so don't be ashamed of that fact. After all, Charlie Brown really is the hero of the comic strip...really. Congrats! 49 % from 21930 test takers had this profile!

But you have almost become this:
With your 0 % you are: You're Snoopy! You're fun-loving, sarcastic, and like to kiss all the pretty girls, just to see if they'll scream or something. You're also a big flirt and have a big imagination. Way to go!

And that you are not at all:
With your 0 % you are: You're Linus! You're smart, very secure with that blanket of yours, and are probably the best friend everyone wishes they had. You also believe in peace to all men and the Great Pumpkin. Keep up the spirit!

With your 0 % you are: You're Schroeder! You love music, Beethoven, your piano, and are easily irritated by Lucy. You also don't think to people very well because you're concentrated on your work. Stick to your art, but don't forget about people. Keep making music!

With your 0 % you are: You're Lucy! You're bossy, like to yell at people, and love Shroeder. You also think you're smart and very beautiful, which you are, but you might consider not telling everyone you know right after you've met them. Stay beautiful!

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