Buffy and Angel

How much of a fan are you of these two shows. Take this quiz and find out if you don't suck or if you do.

Question 1:   What is Xander's full name?
Alexander Lavel Harris
Alexander Lexus Harris
Alexander Lavelle Harris

Question 2:   What does Willow's mom call Buffy?

Question 3:   What is the address of the Bronze?
1624 Maple Court
1524 Main St
1524 Maple Court

Question 4:   How did Oz become a werewolf?
He was bit by his cousin Jordie.
He comes from a family of werewolves.
He was bitten by Larry in a fit of rage.

Question 5:   What are the names of Xander's parents?
Jessica and Tom Harris
Jamie and Tony Harris
Jessica and Tony Harris

Question 6:   What was the first thing that Angel gave Buffy?
A ring
A jacket
A cross

Question 7:   What does Giles call a computer?
Dread box
Bloody idiot box
Idiot box

Question 8:   What is the meaning of the claudaugh ring?
The hands represent love. The crown represents friendship. The heart represents faithfulness.
The hands represent loyalty. The hands represent friendship. The heart represents love.
The hands represent friendship. The crown represents loyalty. The heart represents love.

Question 9:   What is Oz's full name?
Oz Daniel Osbourne
David Osbourne
Daniel Osbourne

Question 10:   What was the name of Buffy's first Watcher?

Question 11:   What was Giles' nickname when he was younger?
Rippin Ripper

Question 12:   What did Spike need to cure Dru?
He needed the blood of an innocent.
He needed her sire.
He needed the blood of the Slayer.

Question 13:   Where did Riley come from?

Question 14:   What was the number of Willow and Buffy's dorm room?

Question 15:   How many times has Buffy been bitten and by who?
Two times. Angel and Dracula.
Four times. Angel, Spike, Dracula, and Spike
Three times. Angel, Dracula, and Spike.

Question 16:   What is Lorne's favorite drink?
Sex on the beach
Cold beer
Sea Breeze

Question 17:   What is Lorne's full name?
The Host
Krevlorswath of the Deathwalk Clan
Krevlorneswath of the Deathwok Clan

Question 18:   What does Numfar like to do?
He likes to sing.
He likes to skip.
He likes to dance.

Question 19:   What is chumshucking?
A Plyean game

Question 20:   What is Fred's favorite food?

Question 21:   What is the name of the demon that betrayed Lorne and the others to Holtz?

Question 22:   How was Jasmine killed?
Angel smashed his fist through her chest.
Connor kicked her head off.
Connor smashed his fist through her head.

Question 23:   What body part did Lindsey lose?
His finger.
His foot.
His hand.

Question 24:   How did Lilah die?
She was eaten by Angelus.
She had her head chopped off by Wesley.
She was stabbed by Cordy.

Question 25:   What is Angel's favorite singer?
Barry White
Barry Manilow

Question 26:   How did Lorne get to LA?
He hit a really high note which opened a portal and he opened Caritas on the spot he landed in.
One day he saw a portal open and went on inside and found the place that later became Caritas.
His mother threw him across a field where he found a portal that he went through and opened Caritas in LA.

Question 27:   What is the name of the hotel?
The Hypenion
The Hyperion.
The Hyperrion

Question 28:   What do Wolfram & Hart spike Angel's blood with?
With Slayer blood.
With some bourbon.
His son Connor's blood.

Question 29:   Why doesn't Angel go poof at the new Wolfram & Hart.
It is special glass that allows him to see the sun without hurting him.
Along with giving him the office they have now given him the secret to being able to withstand sunlight.
He found a ring that allowed him to withstand the sun.

Question 30:   What happened right before Doyle died?
He asked Cordy to have a drink in his memory.
He asked Angel to take his place.
He kissed Cordy and gave her the visions.

This Quiz has been designed by Barbara.