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Do you know Chicago?
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Do you know Chicago?

How much of a cinemaniac are you when it comes to Chicago?

Question 1:   All of the musical numbers stem from what?
Velma's imagination
Billy's past experiences
Roxie's life story.
Roxie's imagination

Question 2:   How many murderesses are in the Cell Block Tango?

Question 3:   Roxie initially gains the public's attention by:
pretending she's pregnant with someone elses child
by becoming a famous jazz dancer.
by dating Billy.
killing someone.

Question 4:   Velma is in prison for:
Stealing from the club she works in.
Killing her sister and husband.
It doesn't say why she is in prison.
She tries to kill Billy.

Question 5:   After Velma and Roxie are released from prison, Velma proposes to Roxie that they work together. She does this because:
They have grown close while in prison.
She is broke and needs work, because "one jazz killer is not enough"
Mama set them up in an act.
Billy recommends it so they boost their career.

Question 6:   Mama is the prison's:
Biggest criminal
Main Benefactor

Question 7:   Billy is to the media as:
A ventriloquist is to puppets.
A man is to his wife.
A cat is to catnip
A chainsmoker is to cigarettes.

Question 8:   Chicago takes place:
One year after the Depression.
Mid 20's
pre WW1.

Question 9:   Roxie tries to get on Velma's good side by:
Buying her booze.
Giving her Billy's number.
Being a good friend.
Doing her laundry.

Question 10:   Who was hung?
The Hunyak
The character played by Mya.
Billy when he lost his first case.
Lucy Lou's character.

Question 11:   Who betrays Roxie?
The Hunyak
Lucy Lou
Her Husband

Question 12:   In Mr. Cellophane, Amos dresses as a:

Question 13:   Amos is a

Question 14:   According to Mama, Roxie could be bigger than:
Babe Ruth
Sophie Tucker

Question 15:   Roxie get supplies in prison by:
Paying Velma
Paying Mama
Sleeping with Billy

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