How Well Do You Know Android 18?
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How Well Do You Know Android 18?

Take this test and see if you know 18 like you think you do!

Question 1:   (We'll start off smooth) Is 18 really an Android?
Yes, duh!
I don't know.
Why do you think they call her "Android" 18?
No. She's a Cyborg.
No. She's human.

Question 2:   Which 18 is the "good" 18?
Marai 18 (Juuhachigou.)
They're both good.
The future 18.
She's not good at all. She's evil.
The one in the past.

Question 3:   Who does 18 feel close to?
No one.
16 & 17.

Question 4:   What group was 18 part of when she was human?
Girl Scouts.
Robot Club.
She wasn't part of a group.
I don't know.
Biker Gang.

Question 5:   Which version of Android 18 is stronger?
Marai 18.
They're the same.
Her power changes.
They're both weak.
18 from the past.

Question 6:   Does 18 love Krillin AT FIRST?
I think so.
No. She rejects him.
She doesn't ever love him.
Yes. She wants to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Question 7:   How does 18 die the second time?
Majin Buu turns her into chocolate.
When Cell absorbs her.
When she was kidnapped by Dr.Gero.
She never dies.
When she is blown up by Majin Buu.

Question 8:   How did 18 and Krillin get together.
They started dating.
They never get together.
We were never told.
She sees him a second time.
They spend time together.

Question 9:   Who plays the voice of 18?
Sandra Bullock
Cameron Diaz
Meredith McCoy
Martha Stuart
Liv Tyler

Question 10:   Does 18 fight in the second World Tournament that's in DBZ after the Buu Saga?
Yes, and she wins.
No. She watches.
No, she was too scared.
It doesn't show her.
No, but she got Krillin to enter.

Question 11:   (Easy one) What is 18s' Japanese name?

Question 12:   What is 18s' power level during the Androids Saga?

Question 13:   How old is 18?
Her age changes
She stays 18
She grows, but she'll always look 18

Question 14:   Why does 18 love Krillin?
He saved her
He cared for her when no one else did
He smashed the remote control that was built to shut her off
He's handsome
Because he loves her

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