Does he like you?
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Does he like you?

You like him and you've been asking everyone for their perspective but you still aren't sure, here's a way to get an answer to that annoying question!

Question 1:   When he passes you in the hallway he...
glances your way
smiles+waves/says hi only after you have
smiles+waves/says hi
doesn't notice you at all

Question 2:   When you call him...
He keeps the conversation going.
He seems bored.
You don't call him.

Question 3:   When he calls you, he calls...
He doesn't call you.
He doesn't call you-but he'd have to ask one of your best friends for it in order to get it!
For help on homework
To ask questions about your best friend
Just to talk

Question 4:   Friends have opinions, and they don't have rose-colored glasses! When you ask them if they think he likes you-what do they say?
Duh-you're blind and stupid if you haven't realized it yet.

Question 5:   Does he ever walk with you on the way to class?
Yes-every day!
Yes-sometimes if we were talking
No-I'm way too out of the way though

Question 6:   You just flunked a test and you're way upset. What does he do?
Make funny faces to cheer you up and pat you on the back saying it's alright.
Say, "oh, that sucks!"
Say, "ha, ha, LOSER!"

Question 7:   You(not your friend, YOU) ask him who he likes, what does he say?
"*insert name of other girl here*"
"Not telling," and blushes.
"I don't know", and blushes.

Question 8:   You tell him to e-mail you and...
There's a shiny e-mail the moment you get home.
He e-mails you within the next few days.
He doesn't e-mail you-but he doesn't have your e-mail
He doesn't e-mail you and he has your e-mail.

Question 9:   Does he remember things you said to him a long time ago?
Yes-things I've said within a few months.
Yes-things I've said within the past two weeks.
Yes-things I said within yesterday!

Question 10:   How does he act different when you're around(obviously, you have to ask a friend for her verdict on this).
Yes-he's loads nicer when you're around.
Yes-he's way ruder when you're around.

Question 11:   Is he nicer to you than other girls?
Kind of

Question 12:   Is he nice to you in general?
Yes, very.
He's nice enough.
He's so mean!

Question 13:   Does he ever tease you?
A little bit, but he's gentle with it.
Yes, sooo much.
Yeah, but he's really mean.

Question 14:   He's standing near the food, and you walk up and grab something without saying a word to him. What does he do?
Start a conversation with you.
Glances at you, expecting you to start a conversation.

Question 15:   How often a day do you two talk to each other?
3-5 times at least.
A few times a week
We don't talk that often.
We've never really talked.

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