Are you classy or crazy?

Do people think of you as put-together or insane? Take this test and see!

Question 1:   You are at a party. You get slightly drunk. What do you do?
Get more drunk and party!
You never get drunk!
Don't drink any more!

Question 2:   You are at the same party. A representative from a porn company asks if you would pose nude. What do you say?
You are disgraceful!
No (You would but you don't want anyone you know to see you)

Question 3:   At the party, an attractive person mentions that there is a very nice bed upstairs and asks if you would like to see it. What do you say?
Are you hitting on me? (You smile teasingly)
I would like to see you, baby!
No, thank you.

Question 4:   Someone asks to grind with you. What do you say?
I am appalled!
I guess.
You were the one who asked!

Question 5:   An attractive person you were talking to puts their arm around you and moves in closer. What do you do?
Kiss them!
Move away slightly.
Move in closer.

Question 6:   An attractive person smiles seductively and says they want you to see their car. What do you do?
You are the person who always does this!
I'm sorry, I must leave.
I guess.

Question 7:   Your friend asks you to jump on a table and scream "Woo Hoo!" What do you do?
Do it only if they do it too.
You would never do that!
Do it!

Question 8:   Your friend asks you to go up to someone and say "I love you, baby." What do you do?
Do it!
Do it only if you know the person.
You would never do that!

Question 9:   Your friend asks you to start a conga line. What do you do?
You would never do that!
You already started one!
You do it, but only because you were a little drunk.

Question 10:   What do you think you are?
I am sort of classy, sort of crazy.
I am extremely classy! How could you think anything else?
I am crazy! How could you think anything else!

This Quiz has been designed by Ann.