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Have you read Lord of the Rings?
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Have you read Lord of the Rings?

This quiz has been designed for you to be able to test your knowledge on how well you ACTUALLY read the books.

Question 1:   Where did Gollum first find the Ring?
On a road in the Shire
On the floor of the Prancing Pony
Fishing the Anduin River
In the mines of Moria

Question 2:   Who was Frodo's father?

Question 3:   What is Legolas' last name?

Question 4:   Who was Tom Bombadil?
A drunk man in the Prancing Pony
A Hobbit farmer
A strange being that helped the Hobbits during one stage of their journey
An orc
A Hobbit at Bilbo's birthday party

Question 5:   Who is married to Tom Bombadil?

Question 6:   How many children does Sam have and who is his wife?
5 children, Belladonna Took
11 children, Rosie Cotton
15 children, Esmeralda Took
13 children, Rosie Cotton
12 children, Rosie Cotton

Question 7:   Arathorn's son is:

Question 8:   Gandalf is known by many names. Which one is NOT one of them?
Grey Pilgrim
Gandalf the White
Gandalf Greyhame

Question 9:   Merry and Pippin met a strange creature when they ventured into Fangorn Forest. What was it and what was it called?
An orc by the name of Snaga
An ent by the name of Shelob
An eagle by the name of Gwaihir
An ent by the name of Treebeard
An orc by the name of Ugluk

Question 10:   When Frodo and Sam reached the top of Mount Doom, what happened?
Frodo was overcome by the ring's power and wanted to keep it as his own. Gollum then came, bit off Frodo's finger and the Ring, and fell into the fires of the mountain.
Frodo decided to keep the Ring, but Sam jumped up to stop him. They began to fight and both fell into the fire.
Frodo tossed the Ring into the fire without question or hesitance.
Frodo and Sam stood by the edge of the mountain. Gollum came, bit off Frodo's finger with the Ring attached and ran away into the dark, only to be caught by Sam and thrown into the fire.
Sam began to feel the power of the Ring, and suddenly wanted it for his own. He began to crawl around and speak like Gollum. Then Sam bit off Frodo's finger and realized what he'd done. He jumped into the fire with the Ring.

This Quiz has been designed by legolas lover.