Are you kinky?
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Are you kinky?

Think you've tried everything? Take this quiz and find out...

Question 1:   So hot shot, how do you categorize your sexual self?
Completely straight
Been attracted to members of the opposite sex, but would never sleep with them
Openly gay
Closeted gay

Question 2:   How many people have you fooled around with (oral sex, caressing, etc.)?
over 50

Question 3:   When you sleep with someone, how necessary is foreplay?
Just get to it, foreplay isn't that great
I like to mess around, but only for a little while before I get to the 'real' stuff
Foreplay is the best, I almost never have sex without fooling around first
Hey, foreplay is sex too

Question 4:   Have you ever participated in a threesome or an orgy?
No way in hell!
Haven’t done it, but I'm waiting for the chance to try
Yeah, it was awesome!
I tried it, but I wouldn't do it again

Question 5:   Do you like the taste of cum? (Male or female)
Not at all
I'll go down on my partner if they want me to, but I don't initiate it
If Ben & Jerry's made cum-flavored ice cream, I'd buy it every day
I only like my partner to go down on me

Question 6:   What do you think about erotic asphyxiation? (Cutting off your air supply when you orgasm)
Sounds scary, no way!
Tried it, but I don't want to do it again
Asphyxiation makes the best orgasms ever, I do it alot
I might give it a shot...

Question 7:   Which of these magazines would you be most likely to subscribe to?
Foot Fetish
Chix With Dix
Whips And Chains
None, I do my shopping online

Question 8:   How do you feel about vampiric sex?
Blood is the staple of my sexual career
Sexy, but I only do it once in a while
Eeew, that's disgusting
Sounds cool, but I wouldn't try it
Done it, don't like it

Question 9:   True or false: sex gets better the longer you've been with the same person.
True; you get to know their body so well that good sex is a given
False; booty calls are more exciting
I don't know, I haven't been with one person for longer than a few weeks

Question 10:   Ever had sex in a public place?
Yikes, too risky
I have, but I got caught
Yes, that's such a turn on!
No, but banging in a confessional booth is my lifelong goal

Question 11:   Are you a sadist or a masochist?
Uh...a what?
Whip me, baby
Neither, that's freakish
I'm a professional dominatrix/dominator
Wow, that would be cool if I had the guts

Question 12:   Is the sex over once you've had an orgasm?
No, I always make sure I please my partner
Pretty much, I can't tell if they're faking it or not
No, I like fooling around as long as possible. Multiples rule!
Yes, I'm a quickie kinda guy/gal

Question 13:   Have you ever had sex with someone whose name you didn't know?
Are you kidding? All the freaking time
Just give me the chance
I only have sex with people I love and trust

Question 14:   Are you comfortable talking dirty in bed?
Hell yeah
I operate my own phone booth
No, but I like it when my partner does
No, that's just embarrassing

Question 15:   Okay, final question: How often do you think about sex during a typical day?
Every spare moment is devoted to my fantasies
Only when I see a really hot prospect
Not that often, if at all
Once in a while, but it doesn't distract me from what I'm doing

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