What will you be when you grow up?

Okay so what job is most likely yours for the future?

Question 1:   What is your favorite thing to do out of these?
Killing stuff.
'Helping' people
Sharing my 'knowledge'
Back-stab others

Question 2:   Who is your favorite rock star out of these?
Alice Cooper *grins evilly*
John Denver..he's a great philosopher
Rod Stewart... he could teach the world to get along
Madonna... she's so naughty
Ric Ocasek... the best control freak in the world.

Question 3:   What's your favorite movie out of these?
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Baby Steps
The Miracle Worker
Debbie Does Dallas
Wall Street

Question 4:   What's your favorite song out of these?
No more Mr. Nice guy [Alice Cooper]
holiday [Madonna]
People are People [Depeche Mode]
Lady Marmelade [La Belle]
Money [Pink Floyd]

Question 5:   What word sounds the best to you?

Question 6:   What would you do with a million dollars?
I'd hire some one to kill my entire town
I'd build a mental institution
I'd buy school supplies
I'd buy a huge canopy bed and put mirrors on the ceiling and walls in my bedroom
I'd spend it on ME

Question 7:   What's the best food out of these?
Revenge and the high you get off of killing
Brain Food
Anything they serve in the lounge
food? what about drugs?
The sweet taste of winning

Question 8:   What irritates you?
Everyone..... kill them all!
Certain 'instabilities'
People who aren't willing to learn
Innocence.. and the law.
People who aren't willing to 'cooperate'

Question 9:   You believe that...
Chainsaws are the coolest things ever.
There is always a way to make people see the light
If people are willing to listen, they could learn a lot
If the shoe fits, put some money in it
There is no other way around life. You either win or you lose.

Question 10:   Who or what do you run from?
The darkness....and negative people
anything noisy or unruly
the cops, my mom, my brother/sister, people who know me... psychos, idiots... preps... other things...
I run from nothing. People run from me.

This Quiz has been designed by Mars.