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Question 1:   Your friends want you to go to the movies with them.. but you already have plans. What do you do?
Work it out with your other 'plannee' for them to come with you.
Explain to them that you have a HUGE sporting event.. and ask if it can be re-planned.
Break off your other plans- Friends before.. well, everything!
Back out of both.. you can never have too much time alone.
Tell them you have plans.. with a total hottie! They'll understand.

Question 2:   FREE SATURDAY! What are you gonna do?
Have a party!
Shopping at the mall- and meet whoever called you first in Abercrombie
Soccer tournament.. my schedule is full.
Most likely meditate.. nothing more soothing than time by yourself.
Invite two of your closest friends over.

Question 3:   What are the names in your phonebook on your cell phone?
My coaches and teammates
Cell Phone?
Everyone in the state! HELLO- what if I was BORED!
Whoever tells me their number
A few friends- we talk all the time

Question 4:   Who do you look up to the most?
hmmm.. me, I suppose
Britney Spears!
My best friend
Bill Cosby
Michael Vick

Question 5:   Your favorite time of day is..
When the sun is just over the horizon.. a perfect time for a one on one game with someone!
I hate to admit it.. but, when I'm alone
When I'm with my boyfriend- HELLO!
The time I spend with my friends
When I'm by myself

Question 6:   Your favorite website is.. It has the standings for ALL the teams in Georgia- how awesome! (any other sports website)
It doesn't matter to me,
My best friend's page- we work on it once a week together I HAVE to keep up on the latest fashions!

Question 7:   What's your idea of a dream date?
I don't date.
Like, making out! HELLO!
A nice jog through the park sounds fun.. maybe a ride on a horse, or bicycling?
Watching a movie together, I like to keep it simple.. maybe invite one of my friends?
Whatever he wants to do.

Question 8:   What do you do on Christmas?
I open all my presents, then I go shopping with my new boyfriend!
I stay with my family.
I open gifts with my family, eat, then invite one of my friends over.
I open my gifts, then meditate.. just like every other morning
I open my gifts.. duh.

Question 9:   What's your favorite place in a store?
Sports section all the way!
I don't shop much.. what are the sections, again?
I don't care.. I do like to shop, though.
I love shopping!
The jewelry section.

Question 10:   Your favorite magazine is..
I don't really read magazines much..
Sports Illustrated
Cosmo Girl!
Yoga for You and Me

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