Song Genius quiz!
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Song Genius quiz!

Test and see how much YOU know about songs and the people that sing 'em!

Question 1:   Who sings the song "Hold On"?
Simple Plan
Good Charlotte
Kid Rock
Janes Addiction

Question 2:   What song goes with these lyrics? "Emergency call 911, she pissed off at everyone, police, rescue FBI..."
Riot Girl
My Girl
Bad Girl
Chick Girl
Punk Girl

Question 3:   Who sings the song that goes with these lyrics? "I think you know that its true I'd run a thousand miles to get you, do you think, I deserve this, I tried to make you happy..."
Good Charlotte
Yellow Card
Blink 182
Marilyn Manson
Simple Plan

Question 4:   What band has a new drummer?
Blink 182
Good Charlotte
All American rejects

Question 5:   In what bands video do they run into a display of toilet paper in a supermarket with a shopping cart?
Good Charlotte "The Anthem"
How the heck am I supposed to know?
Blink-182 "Break Stuff"
All American Rejects "The Last Song"
Disturbed "Down with the sickness"

Question 6:   What band got its name from a children’s book?
Janes Addiction
Limp Bizkit
Good Charlotte
Yellow Card

Question 7:   AFI stands for?
Adam, Frederick, Iris
A Faith Inside
A Fire Inside
Adrian, Faith, Isis
Arick, Fae, Iriana

Question 8:   Name two people in Good Charlotte!
Benji, Paul
Tony, Billy
Joel, Chris
Joel, Babe
Billy, Chester

Question 9:   Name a song by Blink-182!
"Hold On"
"Mr. Anderson"
"You Suck"
"Beat up old people"
"Feeling This"

Question 10:   Lastly, what kind of music are Good Charlotte told they are not?

This Quiz has been designed by Amanda H..