Are You "Just a Friend"?

Sick of hearing the words, “you’re a really great/sweet guy, but… ….”? Take this test to see if you act like the kind of guy who will always be, “just a friend”. Plus, learn how to change this irritating stigma. Take it from a girl who is as just as tired of saying that awful line as so many guys are of hearing it!

Question 1:   How do you show the object of your affection (a new girl or an old friend) how highly you think of her? Do you…?
Shower her with compliments--you really mean it!
Offer the occasional compliment.
Go out of your way to do nice things for her.
Treat her with approval--she'll understand
Be loyal, doting, and always there.

Question 2:   You want to impress her. How do you show that you’re a cool guy?
Impress her with your profound mind.
Compete with other guys--and win a little arrogantly.
Just be considerate. You don't have to prove you're cool.
Compete with other guys--and loose gracefully.
Modestly tell her your good points. After all, she has to know what a good boyfriend you’d be before she can see it for herself.

Question 3:   How chivalrous are you? Are you most likely to…?
Offer to trash any guy who offends her?
Pull out her chair, without special occasion.
Open doors.
Avoid foul language and overly sexual topics.
Throw your coat in a puddle. You're a modern-day night.

Question 4:   You’re pretty sure you can touch her without being smacked. Do you…?
Slap her arm when telling a joke.
Tickle her.
Wait until she's having a hard time and offer comfort.
Find little excuses to tap her on the shoulder, pat her on the back.
Jump out of a corner and scare her half to death.

Question 5:   Great! If you’re non-exclusive, but you'd like to be, what do you do?
I do what she does, as long as she does it first. Then I take some little chances.
Hold her hand.
I ask permission for every little thing. It's all her choice.
A brief, random hug.
I go as far as I can until she tells me to stop.

Question 6:   What's your opinion on guys in general?
Some are dangerous. But most are fine.
We're people, just like women.
We're a little worse than women.
We're dogs. Guilty as charged.
Guys are trouble, but I am different.

Question 7:   How much do you talk?
People tell me I'd be a great psychologist.
Silent-Type describes me well.
I'm a crowd-pleaser. Find me in or near the center of the circle.
I'm somewhat of a wallflower, but I open up when approached.

Question 8:   How do you approach a girl?
Hey, what's up?
What's your name/grade/what do you think of...?
Name's Chris.:: extends hand:: Nice to meet you.
I can't. I'd rather she approach me.
Uh, you're pretty.

Question 9:   How do you carry yourself?
Like other guys, I guess.
Baby steps and/or shuffle.
Head up. Long strides.
I keep my head up.
Don't hurt me!

Question 10:   Describe your voice.
Like a surfer/hillbilly. Some dialect. It helps my image.
High and nasal or grainy.
Clear and resonant. Deep/throaty.
It's not what I sound like--it's what I say.
Told you, I'm the Silent-Type.

Question 11:   How’s your physique?
I'm healthy. I work out. What more can you ask?
Above average.
I have a four/six pack. Or, if I don't have much muscle, I can eat anything and everything and stay thin.
It's the inside that counts.
I'm fat and I don't care. There's nothing I can do.

Question 12:   Which best describes you?
Diamond in the rough.
Modern day cowboy, heroic scoundrel, charming wolf.
Modern-day knight, remember?
I'm my own category.
Silent type.

Question 13:   How does she fit into your life?
She is my life.
She's a priority, but I have my own agenda. Plus, she needs her elbow room.
I'm her puppy.
We see each other regularly. She knows she's welcome.
We both call and hang out with each other.

Question 14:   Are you more…?

Question 15:   Finally, when it’s time to ask “the question”, how do you frame it?
Will you go out with me?
"Pirates of the Caribbean opens this Friday. I have two tickets."
"You're pretty cool. I can see myself with someone like you."
"I love you."
"Please, please, please?" (My motto is: persistence is a virtue.)

This Quiz has been designed by Peg.