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Test your knowledge

Question 1:   In the movie The Two Towers, what does Legolas say to Gimli?
Will you die tonight for love?
You look terrible!
Curse them my precious!
Do these tights make my bum look big?
Shall I describe it to you, or should I get you a box?

Question 2:   In the movie The Crow, what's the name of the cat who used to belong to Shelly and Eric?

Question 3:   In the movie Zoolander, what is the name of his top secret new look?

Question 4:   In the movie Queen of the Damned, what does Lestat say to Jesse?
I want to suck your blood
Give it to me Jesse, uh huh uh huh!
You bring out the devil in me
I don't bite, hard...
You're beautiful to me because you are human

Question 5:   In Trainspotting, which rockstar is it that the character Tommy brought tickets to see?
David Bowie
Iggy Pop
Marilyn Manson
Bob Dylan
Lou Reed

Question 6:   In Pirates of the Caribbean, what does Jack ask Elizabeth?
Would I look better without the beard?
Fancy crossing blades with a pirate?
Why's the rum gone!
Who's prettier, me or Will?
Do you like monkey's?

Question 7:   In The Matrix, what does Agent Smith call Neo?
A pain in my arse!
Mr Anderson
The One

Question 8:   In The Nightmare Before Christmas, who is Jack's best friend?
Oogie Boogie
Dr. Finklestein

Question 9:   In The Exorcist, who plays Regan?
Linda Blair
Tony Blair
The Blair Witch
Blair Adams

Question 10:   In the movie Primal Fear, who plays the killer Roy?
Laura Linney
Richard Gere
Alfre Woodard
Edward Norton

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