What are you truly destined to be?

Ever wonder what kind of person you are? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1:   When you go to the food store, like Wal-Mart, what do you usually buy?
skim vitamin d enriched milk, eggs straight from the chicken, sealed foods
raw meat, dog food, and ketchup
Ice cream, fruit, juice-a little healthy and a little junky
whatever's on sale

Question 2:   When you are out of underwear, what do you do?
Go to the store in a disguise and quickly buy some granny-panties.
Go commando.
Run to Victoria Secret's!
Wash them.

Question 3:   What type of movie to you like best?
Informational-straight from the encyclopedia crap
Violent-the bloodier the better
Romantic-uses a whole tissue box
Whatever's on pay-per-view.

Question 4:   Which of the following places do you like to hang out the best?
the library
my house
the mall!

Question 5:   What do you wear on a typical day?
A button-up shirt, pants with suspenders-whatever mom says looks good
whatever is clean
My brand-new Abercrombie shirt with a matching skirt/pants!

Question 6:   What is the main thing you think about the most?
Why 2x * 4y + (10z*30c) - 10002 +3=23.993838383
What is for lunch?
Why people suck.
How to make my hair do that one thing!

Question 7:   What is your favorite thing to say?
I like pi! (Snort!)

Question 8:   If you were stuck on a deserted island with one person, which of the following would you choose?
my best friend
My mom
the devil
My boyfriend/girlfriend

Question 9:   If you were out of money, what would you do?
Beg my mom.
Get a job
Blow up a bank.
Sleep w/ someone!

Question 10:   Your husband/wife, your mother/father, and you are all on a boat, and the boat crashes. You can save one person. Who would you choose?
neither. DIE!
My husband/wife, but I'd feel kind of guilty

This Quiz has been designed by Ren.