Does he like you?

A quiz to see if a guy you are not dating likes you.

Question 1:   When you talk to him, what does he do?
Stare at your chest
Ignore you
Look you in the eyes
Cut you off

Question 2:   Do you guys have anything in common?
A couple things
We share classes
Absolutely nothing
Everything imaginable except our gender!

Question 3:   Do you think he likes you?
Maybe, at times
Not really
Yes, but he usually wants something

Question 4:   Does he remember your birthday, etc.
Yes and he says happy birthday, etc
Only if I tell him it is my birthday, etc
Yes and sometimes he gets me a gift

Question 5:   What does he do when he sees you in the hallway?
He looks and smiles
Ignores me

Question 6:   Does he know you very well?
He's like my best friend!
Quite a bit
Not at all
With some subjects

Question 7:   Would you ever date him?
Only if you paid me to!
Probably not!
Of course! Why do think I'm taking this!

Question 8:   Would you dump your bf for him? If you don't have one, would you if you did?
No, I'd date 'em both!
Heck, no!

Question 9:   What do you find most attractive about him?
Do I have to pick ONE! I LOVE everything!

Question 10:   Do your friends think you would look good together?
Yes, they think we would look cute
No, they say we'd look horrible!
They avoid the subject
Definitely...they say we would make THE best couple!

This Quiz has been designed by Jacqueline.