Are YOU a Man-Whore?
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Are YOU a Man-Whore?

Everyone knows at least one. They are a ruthlessly charming and breathtakingly handsome breed of men. They always know just what to say and do to get what they want (mostly women), and feel no shame whatsoever. This quiz will determine you or your man's percentage of "man-whore"

Question 1:   How many women have you slept with?

Question 2:   How attractive are you?
Repulsive enough to make the Elephant Man scream "Go Away!"
Normal enough not to attract much attention on the street
Adorable and easy on the eyes
Handsome enough to take your breath away
A Sun-God so handsome you must avert your eyes!

Question 3:   Where would you take a girl on a first date?
I have never been on a date.
Dinner and a movie.
Dancing and /or a romantic walk.
My apartment and/or place of business for some "one on one" time
I won't even take you out; I'll just try to jump you right here, right now.

Question 4:   How do you make your moves?
I would never do anything with a girl before marriage!
I'm a gentleman -- I'd ask for permission first.
I give a great back rub!
Girls melt when I break out this subtle stroking of a finger, arm or leg
Just go for it, dude!

Question 5:   How do most women react to you?
"I am calling the police!"
"Huh Did you say something?"
"No, I will not have sex with you!"
"No, I will not have sex with you!"
"Anything you say!"

Question 6:   What is your most memorable quote?
"What's your sign?" or "Do you come here often?"
"You say no, but your eyes say yes!"
"It is big, no?"
So perfect, it has yet to be uttered.

Question 7:   Who is your celebrity dating idol?
Tom Hanks -- in a happy marriage with a great family.
George Clooney -- Suave, smooth and a confirmed bachelor
Justin Timberlake -- Seems to date anything semi-blonde and in a skirt
Ben Affleck -- dates only the women the rest of us dream about
Bill Clinton -- No time, place or woman is more important than my needs

Question 8:   What job would best-serve your Casanova skills?
Computer Programmer -- I'm not really good with people I can talk to in person
Teacher -- I thrive in environments with many women and very, very few men
Stockbroker -- women are very impressed by my phat bachelor pad and stock portfolio
Hotel worker -- women from all over the world fall right into my "arms"
Politician or Sports Star -- I am a god and women know it

Question 9:   My ideal woman is:
Just like Mom or one of my sisters.
Claudia Schiffer, Heidi Klum, or any of the women in the catalog I'm seeing at the moment
Independent, but fun and funny
Married, engaged or dating, so I can avoid any type of commitment
I'm not particular.

Question 10:   What are women you have previously known or dated saying about you right now?
"He's a little man with a little penis and no clue how to use it!"
"He has a GREAT personality!"
"Whatta man!"
"I have never experienced anything like that in all my life!"
"That man was the biggest whore I have ever met in my life!"

This Quiz has been designed by Jen.