Are You Popular?
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Are You Popular?

All of your friends say you’re really popular, and you have a couple of guys on your Buddy List, but does it really mean your Miss Popularity? Take this quiz and you'll finally know the ultimate truth!

Question 1:   How many people would you say are on your buddy list?

Question 2:   You just bought a really cute skirt from American Eagle, and over the next week you:
see one person wearing the same skirt
talk to a person who says they have the exact same one
don't see anybody wearing it
see two or more people wearing the same skirt

Question 3:   Jake, the most popular boy in school, thinks of you as a:
close friend/best friend
acquaintance/doesn't know you exist

Question 4:   Kate, a popular girl, is having a Christmas party at her house and all of the popular people are going to be there. You:
Got an invitation but stayed mostly quiet the entire evening
Got an invitation late because Kate claimed yours had gotten "lost in the mail"
Never got an invitation
Were the first to get an invitation and you were the star of the party

Question 5:   At your last party, you had ___________ guests.
1 or 2
21 or over

Question 6:   You have to do swing dancing in Music class. Whenever any of the boys had to dance with the school nerd Paloma, they would groan. When they had to dance with you, they:
looked OK with it, even though there were other girls he would have rather danced with
looked really pleased and started giving the other guys looks like "I'm SO lucky!"
looked unhappy but actually held your hand
frowned and looked really unhappy

Question 7:   How many boyfriends or how many boys have liked you?
5 and up
3 or 4
1 or 2

Question 8:   Have you ever had a boy over your house?
Four or more times.
Two or three times, but only briefly.
Once, but that was only because he needed to get the Science homework.
Never! Boys don't even come near my yard.

Question 9:   What kind of things do people in your school ask you?
"Could I borrow your skirt?"
"What should I DO? Scott doesn't want me to be his girlfriend anymore..."
"Does this match?"
"Do I have any poppy seeds in my teeth?"

Question 10:   Normally, you have about ________ e-mails in your mailbox (not counting ads or spam.)
3 or 4
1 or 2
5 or up

Question 11:   How many signatures in your yearbook do you have?
9 and up

Question 12:   When you have to go to the bathroom during class, you usually
3 or more people. A flock of girls.
have two people join you so you can gossip in the stalls.
have one person go with you.
go by yourself.

Question 13:   In English, who does your table consist of?
6-8 girls AND boys
More then 9 girls and boys
3-5 girls
1 or 2 girls

Question 14:   What do you usually do after school on a regular day?
Go to Drama Club with 3 of your friends.
Go to Cooking Class, then go home to help your mom with dinner.
Go home and work on homework.
Go to the mall, a friends house, or the movies.

Question 15:   If you could ask 5 people to describe you with only one word, what would it be?

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