Ever or Never
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Ever or Never

Here is a test to view all the skeletons in your friends' closets. Answer all questions honestly, because otherwise what would the point be?

Question 1:Have you ever lied to your significant other?
Question 2:Have you ever cheated on a current or former mate?
Question 3:Have you ever told someone you loved them in order to get something sexually from them?
Question 4:Have you ever used someone for money or sex?
Question 5:Have you ever stole money or material items from friends or family members?
Question 6:Have you ever had sexual relations with a friends current mate?
Question 7:Have you ever been with 2 or more people at once?
Question 8:Have you ever fantasized about members of your SAME sex?
Question 9:Have you ever been with a member of your SAME sex?
Question 10:Have you ever been with 2 people within 24 hours whom you haven't had a threesome with?
Question 11:Would you ever fool around with a family member?
Question 12:Have you ever paid for sexual favors?
Question 13:If you haven't, would you ever pay for sexual favors?
Question 14:Would you ever marry someone who is rich and 50 years your senior in hopes that they will die and you can gain their fortune?
Question 15:Have you ever given someone you met the wrong phone number purposely?
Question 16:Have you ever gone back to an ex just to satisfy sexual urges only?
Question 17:Have you ever had a Parking Lot Encounter (PLE)?
Question 18:Have you ever had a one night stand?
Question 19:Have you ever gone home with someone and not known their name?
Question 20:Have you ever had sex on work hours?
Question 21:Have you ever had sex in your office?
Question 22:Have you ever had sex in your bosses office?
Question 23:Have you ever had sex with someone you had no intentions of ever talking to again?
Question 24:Have you ever had an affair with someone who is married?
Question 25:Have you ever taken someone else's virginity?

This Quiz has been designed by Emily.