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What kind of animal are you?
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What kind of animal are you?

Ever wonder who your animal counterpart is? Well, take this quiz and find out!

Question 1:   What's your diet like?
Mostly fruit and vegetables.
Mostly meat.

Question 2:   How are you among other people?
Shy, I stand alone in the corner, or near some close friends.
Friendly-but not too friendly. I hang out with a couple of friends and chat with some new people.
Party animal! I'm the center of attention, and everybody loves me!

Question 3:   Do you like to play games?

Question 4:   What time do you go to bed?
Before 9:00. Early to bed, early to rise...
10:00-12:00. Normal hours.
I'm nocturnal. I'm awake all hours of the night, then sleep 'till noon!

Question 5:   What kind of person are you?
Morning person.
Evening person.
Night person.

Question 6:   What mood are you usually in?
Good mood.
Bad mood.
Depends on what's happening.

Question 7:   What shape are you in?
You can see my bones through my skin.
Normal. Not fat, not skinny.
My excuse is, "I'm big boned!"

Question 8:   Do you like exercise?
No! I'm a couch potato, and proud of it!
Yes! A walk around the block in the morning, and stretches in the evening.
Depends on my mood.

Question 9:   What do you consider yourself to be?
Very sophisticated.
Down to Earth.
I can be both depending on the situation I'm in.

Question 10:   How do you handle your skills?
I'm well rounded. Not lacking nor superior in any of my skills.
Some things I'm an expert at, but the rest I'm either normal or bad at.
I have no skills.

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