Do You Belong?

I bet you often wonder, "Is this my place? Should I really be here? Do more fascinating destinations await me?" Take this test to find out where you are in life.

Question 1:   When I arrive at my school or workplace, people usually greet me with a(an)...
"HEY! How are ya!"
...unaudible, "hello..."
People don't greet me, or, I don't go to work/school, or, I work alone

Question 2:   In bed at night, I'm usually...
Having a twosome
Having a threesome
Having a onesome

Question 3:   My persona is basically
Lonely, depressed, frustrated
A bit wild, friendly, outgoing
Quiet, conservative

Question 4:   It's Friday night, time to start dinner. What are you doing?
Preparing a lovely chicken and rice meal
Eating at McDonald's, or microwaving a burrito
Scrambling eggs and making out with my girlfriend/boyfriend

Question 5:   When was the last time you had a girlfriend/boyfriend?
I've been married for 15 years, or, a year since I've gone out with anyone
Girlfriend? Well, there was that one time when I asked someone out.. Does that count?
I have one right now, thank you

Question 6:   On Sundays, I'm usually...
Going to Church. I go early to get a really good seat so a lot of God's light can shine on me.
Alone, as always.
Making out. We have marathongs. I mean, marathons.

Question 7:   I feel I have no place in life
Show me 10 people who actually care and you might change my mind.
Of course! And my place is to go out with anyone I see!
God put us on this land. We most certainly do have a place.

Question 8:   What is your theme song?
"In Da Club" I mean, It's SOOOO Genius!
"One Is the Loneliest Number"
"Spirit In The Sky"

Question 9:   Are you a believer?
There's nothing TO believe. God is simply a figment of people's imaginations
I dunno... I used to go to church before I was kicked out for indecent exposure
Yes. Amen!

Question 10:   Are you afraid to die?
Not at all, God will be waiting for me.
No, I can't wait to leave Hell

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