Resident Evil(The Movie)

This quiz is pretty much about what the title says, it's about Resident Evil!

Question 1:   What was the main characters "husband" called?
Doesn't say.

Question 2:   Which the right colours for the Virus and the Anti-Virus?
Green for the Virus, Blue for the Anti-Virus.
Doesn't say.
Blue for the Virus, Green for the Anti-Virus.

Question 3:   What was the main characters husband gonna do that would make her dreams come true?
Bring the Umbrella Corporation down.
Sell the Virus on the open market.
Buy the Umbrella Corporation and then give it to her.
Let the zombies out.
Doesn't say.

Question 4:   What does Caplan say when he is on the pipe and has one bullet left?
and one's my lucky number.
Huh, one bullet.
Doesn't say.
That's lucky.

Question 5:   In which city is the HIve located beneath?
Racoon Town.
Doesn't say.
Racoon City.

Question 6:   Who is the red queen modeled after?
The owners daughter.
The managers daughter.
The head programmers daughter.
The head programmers niece.
Doesn't say.

Question 7:   Who plays the main character?
Reese Witherspoon.
None of the above.
Mila Jollavich.

Question 8:   How many soldiers get killed by lasers?

Question 9:   What are the two most effective methods to kill the zombies?
Massive trauma to the chest and massive trauma to the brain.
Massive trauma to the brain and breaking the limbs.
Doesn't say.
Severing the spinal cord and massive trauma to the brain.

Question 10:   How much intelligence do the zombies have?
A little bit.
Doesn't say.
Virtually none.

This Quiz has been designed by Ross Miller.