Entrepreneur Quiz

Do you have what it takes be an entrepreneur? Take this quiz and find out! It will test you for the abilities you need to be an entrepreneur: Passion, Risk-Taking, Recognizing opportunity, locus of control, and Disaster-Recovery

Question 1:Are you willing to undergo sacrifices to gain possible long term rewards?
Question 2:Do you enjoy tackling a task without knowing all the potential problems?
Question 3:Are you prepared to make sacrifices in your family life and take a cut in pay to succeed in business?
Question 4:Are you willing to try a new way of doing things even if you are not fully sure you will succeed?
Question 5:Do you have a deep burning passion to make your idea work?
Question 6:Do you have a lot of energy and are willing to work hard?
Question 7:Do you need less sleep when you are interested in a project?
Question 8:Do you keep your goal clearly in mind where there is something that you want?
Question 9:After a severe setback in a project, are you able to pick up the pieces and start over again?
Question 10:Can you accept failure without admitting defeat?
Question 11:Do you see opportunity in every difficulty?
Question 12:Are you ready to say no when other people say no to you?
Question 13:Do you like the feeling of being in charge of other people?
Question 14:When you think of your future do you ever envision yourself running your own business?
Question 15:Do you like to take responsibility and see things through?
Question 16:Do you believe that people must be the master of their own fate?
Question 17:Do you find yourself constantly thinking up new ideas?
Question 18:Do you enjoy finding an answer to a frustrating problem?
Question 19:Are you usually able to come up with more than one way to solve a problem?
Question 20:Do you come up with an innovative way to do things?

This Quiz has been designed by Lavi.