You think you Slipknot?

You think you know Slipknot, but you don't have a clue!

Question 1:   The sample in the beginning of the song "(sic)", when a person says, "Here comes the pain." Who said it?
Al Pacino in the movie Carlito's Way
Shawn after he hurt himself in the recording booth
Val Kilmer in the movie Heat
Corey at a demo when he got mad at Sid

Question 2:   How tall is Jim (#4)?
6ft 6in
6ft 4in
6ft 7in
6ft 2in

Question 3:   Is Jim (#4)taller than Mick (#7)?
Same height

Question 4:   What was the first song Corey and Slipknot actually put together as a band from scratch?
Wait and Bleed
Spit it Out

Question 5:   The picture on the cover of the self titled album was taken in the basement of who's parents?
Shawn (#6)
Chris (#3)
Joey (#1)
Craig (#5

Question 6:   What did Corey originally want to do in the band?
Play guitar
Play bass
Play drums

Question 7:   Who does Shawn claim to be the new clown?
His daughter Alexia
His daughter Gabriel
Corey's son Griffin
His son Gage

Question 8:   Who was Joey originally in Anal Blast with?
Corey (#8)
Craig (#5)
Paul (#2)
Sid (#0)

Question 9:   Who created the term 'Maggot' for describing Slipknot fans?
Shawn (#6)
Joey (#1)
Corey (#8)
Mick (#7)

Question 10:   Which member has worked in Burger King, as an electrician and been in a band called Shed before joining Slipknot?
Craig (#5)
James (#4)
Chris (#3)
Paul (#2)

Question 11:   What did Craig originally join Slipknot as?

Question 12:   Which two members share the same name?
Corey (#8) & Jim (#4)
Mick (#7) & Jim(#4)
Shawn (#6) & Mick (#7)

Question 13:   What is Shawn’s favorite Slipknot song?
Heretic Anthem
Tattered and Torn
Wait and Bleed

Question 14:   Who claims to have overdosed on cocaine twice as a teenager?

Question 15:   What does the first track on 'Iowa' (515) represent?
The phone area code for Des Moines
The amount of money they were paid for their first bar gig
The hours it took them to record Iowa
The number of times Corey estimated he watched the movie "Scarface"

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