Goth or Not

This is a quiz to tell whether you are a Goth or just a poser. Choose wisely or be called a loser.

Question 1:   What are you wearing right now?
Dog Collar
Spiked bracelets
just a couple of rings
Tons of white & black makeup

Question 2:   Do you wear colors?
I love to wear pink
No colors for me, Black only.
sometimes, but they stay in the dark spectrum

Question 3:   Do you hate people
Why would I hate people?

Question 4:   Is this a fashion No-No? Black fishnet top with a red tube top and baggy pants with combat boots.
I'm wearing it right now...
HELL YES! Who would wear that!

Question 5:   What is your favorite color?
Dark Burgandy
Pink, Of Course!

Question 6:   What do you fear more?

Question 7:   How do you feel about school assemblies?
Kill me now PLEASE! If I have to watch those cheerleaders do one more thing I'm gonna hang myself!
They don't bother me.
I love them they get me out of class.
What are you talking about...I AM a cheerleader.

Question 8:   There's a white limo driving around. What do you do with it? (Thanks Ryan!:Þ)
Chase it
Run out in front of it
Leave it alone. Those people know the cops and have enough money to buy me!

Question 9:   How do you feel about sunlight?
Doesn't bother me, I'm always inside anyways.
I love the sun!
Hate it with a passion
I have a golden brown tan

Question 10:   How do you do your hair?
WAY Spiky
I just wake up and go
I spend hours trying to get it just right
Little spiky but not overboard

This Quiz has been designed by Jayden.