Which Famous movie are you?

So which famous movie are you?

Question 1:   How important is love to you?
The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and simply be loved in return.
Well it's alright when I'm ready for it.
As long as it leads to sex it's alright.
Love is great but I sometimes screw it up.
I want it so bad but I never can get it.

Question 2:   Who is more important to you?
My friends
My band
My loved one
My pig.

Question 3:   Which artist is you're favorite (out of the following)?
Billy Idol
The Police
Toby Kieth

Question 4:   What are your hobbies?
Talking to my buddies.
Trying to get laid
Worshiping the beautiful people

Question 5:   How do you dress?
Barely dressed
Totally 80's
The 60's
Who cares as long as I'm getting laid.

Question 6:   Which is more important to you?
Love, love, love, love. Love is all you need.
My buddies
Getting laid
My band
Being Popular

Question 7:   What is your favorite movie (out of the following)?
Lord of the Rings
The Wedding Singer
Pretty in Pink
American Pie
Sixteen Candles

Question 8:   What is your favorite color(out of the following)?

Question 9:   Where you like to live?
A small town in America
New Zealand
Who cares as long as I'm getting laid?

Question 10:   Finally, which of these actors and actresses do you like best?
River Phoenix
Anthony Micheal Hall
What? Who cares I need to get laid?
Nicole Kidman
Val Kilmer

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