Which Recess character are you?
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Which Recess character are you?

Figure out what character you are from the show recess.

Question 1:   What is your favorite color?
Any color

Question 2:   What do you do in your free time?
Yell at kids
Make Pranks
See if any kids are getting in trouble
Put on make up and brush my hair

Question 3:   Where do you like to spend your recess?
Under things and in bushes finding the perfect way to rat on someone.
Mostly in the school or in the teachers lounge
Any where
Like in my clubhouse DUH

Question 4:   Who are your best friends?
I've got a nice small group of Best Friends
Friends who needs them. I'm too old for them anyway
I've got a whole group of them
Friends? I'm a man of solo work.

Question 5:   How old are you?
I'm like young and BEAUTIFUL!
I've lost track years ago
I'm in 4th grade
I'm a kid and that's all that matters

Question 6:   Where do you go after school?
My mansion with my buddies
I go home and watch my soap opera's
I go home to be with my mommy
To an ice cream shop of course

Question 7:   Who is your favorite recess character?
Miss Finster
the Ashleys
any of the Fab 6

Question 8:   Have you ever gotton in trouble?
I'm an adult. What do you expect?
Yeah but I don't care.
I'm the one getting them in trouble.

Question 9:   What is your favorite sport?
I like to do Yoga
I'm in the crowds.

Question 10:   Your hair color is?
Brown, black, blonde, anything that is a color kids have.
Blonde and Brown the perfect colors.
reddish brown
grey (gray)

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