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GC Fans Quiz

How much do you know about GC....this quiz will test your knowledge of the band.....and of their lyrics. Ready?

Question 1:   The twins dog Cash is so called because.....
They bought him at their local Cash and Carry
He is a pedigree and cost lots of cash
It was just a random name
What dog?
He's named after Cassius Clay (a.k.a Muhammad Ali)

Question 2:   When Billy's dreadlocks were cut of they found... there. (Fill in the blank)
a bird's nest
part of a Dorito
some spaghetti
Billy who?

Question 3:   Complete the lyric: "She's got tattoos, and piercings, She likes Minor threat, she likes....."
The Sex Pistols
Good Charlotte
Lyrics to what?
Social Distortion

Question 4:   Which Waldorf Coffeehouse were GC once banned from?
"My Brother's Place"
"Central Perk"
"Big Coffee bean"
Coffee? No thanks

Question 5:   In high school which chord did the Twins think they had invented?
What's a chord?

Question 6:   Which band members are vegetarian?
Paul, Chris, and Benji
Billy, Benji and Joel
Billy, Joel and Chris
None of them
I like meat

Question 7:   Fill in the blanks: "Life. Hope Truth. Trust. Faith. _______. Love. Lust. Pain. _____. Lies. Guilt. Laugh. Cry. Live. Die."

Question 8:   When they fist started out who were GC signed to?
Foul Records
DC Flag
Fowl Records

Question 9:   The first track on the Young and The Hopeless album is:
The Anthem
Hold On
A New Beginning
Genie in a bottle? Sorry wrong quiz

Question 10:   Good Charlotte are....
My lovers
Amazing and the best band ever
Taking out a court order against me
Who? Nah they are freaks

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