The Helmut Lotti Fan "Do You Remember?" quiz by Robin & Penny


Question 1:   When is Helmut Lotti's birthday?
October 22, 1969
October 1, 1969
November 22, 1969
October 22, 1968

Question 2:   How many of Helmut Lotti's recorded songs have the word "life" in the title?

Question 3:   On what date did the Helmut Lotti Official Website reach the 3,000,000th visitor milestone?
March 1, 2004
March 5, 2004
March 3, 2004
March 5, 2003

Question 4:   We once had a Sunday Poll about everyone's favorite Helmut Lotti video. Which video had the most votes?
Helmut Lotti: Latino Classics
Helmut Lotti Goes Classic II
Helmut Lotti Goes Classic III
Helmut Lotti: Out Of Africa

Question 5:   What appeared at Helmut and Carol's doorstep at Halloween (2003)?
a lost dog
an elephant
a crazy fan
a stray cat

Question 6:   Which one of the following songs did NOT have lyrics written by Helmut Lotti?
Be Mine
Thank You
Good Luck Charm
In My Heart

Question 7:   Fill in the blank with the lyrics to this Helmut Lotti song ... "Oh Lord, life is not an easy ___________. Why did you always make me choose? Rarely win and mostly lose?"
words to say
thing for me
game to play

Question 8:   Fill in the blank with the lyrics to this Helmut Lotti song ... "Back in time, I wish I could go back in time. The clock is ticking much too fast, it's easy if you do not know ______________".
those days are in the past
those days will never last
those ways will never last
that the fun will never last

Question 9:   Which one of the following Helmut Lotti songs does NOT have the word "delight" in the lyrics?
Be Mine
Good Luck Charm

Question 10:   To Lottifans, who is the most amazing, talented, charming, handsome, delightful, unique and outstanding singer in the whole wide world?
Helmut Lotti
Michael Jackson
Tom Jones
Luciano Pavarotti

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