What's Your Personality?

Hey! Ever had one of those personality tests where none of the answers actually relate to you? Luckily this quiz isn't like it! Take it to find out...

Question 1:   What is your ideal kind of pet? (the question you see on almost every test!)

Question 2:   What are you doing on a regular Friday night?
Practicing my lines for a play or skit
Reading a book
Chilling out in an alley
Sometimes at home, but talking to friends too
I am always at a friend's house

Question 3:   If you had never heard of these books, which book would you be most likely to pick up (based on the titles)?
Marilyn Manson: The Unauthorized Biography
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
The Secret Garden
The Series of Unfortunate Events

Question 4:   If someone walks by that you don't know and casually says hi to you what do you do?
Put your head down and quickly walk away
Look at them like they are weird
Bump in to them
Nod your head towards them
Say hi back

Question 5:   Which of these closest matches your hobbies?
Hanging out with friends and family, listening to music, watching t.v.
Shopping, going to parties, talking with friends
reading, drawing, going on the computer
Chilling with friends, getting in trouble, playing in your band, listening to music
singing, painting, acting lessons

Question 6:   What kind of clothes do you typically wear?
jeans, Colourful wool turtleneck sweater
fleece sweater, jeans
TNA pants, uggs, tight top
sweat pants, tank top, sweater
Army pants, black sweatshirt

Question 7:   What kind of music do you listen to?
Metal and Rock
Jazz and Blues
Most pop

Question 8:   If someone drops their books in the hallway what do you do?
quickly gather up their things for them and
Give them a disgusted look and walk away
help them pick up their things
kick their stuff across the hall
ask them if they need help picking up their things

Question 9:   What is your favourite kind of ice cream?
Rocky Road
Chocolate chip cookie dough
Rainbow sherbert

Question 10:   What do your friends describe you as?
not too talkative, smart, sweet
drama queen, loves all types of art, life of the party
you like to take risks and sometimes it gets you into trouble but that’s alright
friendly and funny most of the time,
fashionable and popular, always knows the latest gossip

This Quiz has been designed by Jellybean.