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Buffy and Angel Love quiz
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Buffy and Angel Love quiz

This Quiz is about the love stories of Buffy and Angel and the love triangles involved.

Question 1:   Who was Buffy's first boyfriend when she came to Sunnydale?

Question 2:   Who was Angel's sire?

Question 3:   When did Angel and Buffy first make love?
On Angel's birthday
on mother's day
On her birthday

Question 4:   How old was Willow and Xander when they were going out?

Question 5:   Why was spike jealous of Angelus in season 2?
Because Angel was stealing Drusilla away
Because Angel was better looking
Because he wanted Buffy

Question 6:   Why did Cordy and Xander break up in the third season?
because she was popular
because he smelled
Xander and willow kissed

Question 7:   why did Angel leave Buffy at the end of season three?
because they could not have sex
because he didn't love her
Because he wanted her to have a somewhat normal life and they could never have that

Question 8:   What episode(s) was this said in? ANGEL: "BUFFY WHAT'S GOING ON?" BUFFY: "DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. I LOVE YOU." ANGEL: "I LOVE YOU." BUFFY: "CLOSE YOUR EYES."
Becoming Parts 1&2

Question 9:   On what episode did Buffy and Angel first kiss?
lie to me

Question 10:   In what episode of season six did Buffy first kiss Spike?
two to go
bargaining part 2
Once more with feeling

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