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Who are you in The Matrix Trilogy?

He is also Trinity's lover.

Question 1:   You find out that the Matrix is being over run by agents. What do you do?
run off of a cliff
stop them with your powers
shoot them
run for dear life to an exit
run with the person who is running in answer choice 4

Question 2:   You have strange dreams about the person sitting beside you dying in the Matrix. What do you do?
I tell him/her
I ask them to stay out of the Matrix
I don't say a word
I ask some old lady named "the oracle"

Question 3:   You ask "the Oracle" if you are the one. What does she say?
Who's the one? I thought the one was an it?
You have the gift, but you are waiting for something.
No, you are supposed to Search for the one.
Now, you aren't even supposed to be here till the last movie.
No, you fall in love with the one.

Question 4:   Who said this to you.."I can only show you the door, you must be the one to open it."
Denethor....oh...wait....I mean Cypher.
I said it, Of course.
No, it's Morpheus.
Agent Smith
Trinity, said it.

Question 5:   If you could marry an (actor/actress) who would it be?
What's an actor?
Keanu Reeves
Lawrence Fishburne
Hugo Weaving
Carrie-Ann Moss

Question 6:   Your worst enemy is?
The Matrix
The Machines
The "freed-Minds"
The agents

Question 7:   Who do you love in the Matrix?
What is the MATRIX?

Question 8:   You live where?
the Nebuchadnezzer
the same as above
the matrix

Question 9:   Do you have human feelings?

Question 10:   Do you think Humans have a stench?

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