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Are you afraid of cops?
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Are you afraid of cops?

This is sort of just a cool test for fun to see if you might have a fear of cops. That’s all!

Question 1:   If you were in a car and you just noticed that there's some cops fallowing you, you would...
What? They are? Horray! I might kiss that one!...
Oh god, they saw me. THEY KNOW!
Oh no, they found me. And I thought the secret exit bank door would catch them off guard.
Aren't cops those losers with fricken blue outfits? What ever!
stop, get out, then smash their stupid heads into the car for even fallowing me in the first place.

Question 2:   How do you feel about cops?
They're so sweet how they protect all helpless humans in need. They're cute too. Hee, Hee!
I don't know, I'm always hiding behind a car when they walk by.
Um.... I spend alot of time with them when in jail...
They suck, Who invented cops any way? As long as I'm around, cops better watch their backs.
Like I said, they're losers, and who ever said they're cute are losers too.

Question 3:   What quiz is this?
A cute little cop quiz! I might marry one you know....
WHO CARES? It's a stupid COP QUIZ!
"So any way, I'm sort of taking this quiz and... Huh?"
You created it freak, you tell me!!@#%&!$...

Question 4:   Do you like this Quiz?
Oh yes! It's very interesting, but who would be afraid of cute little cops?
Hmm....Um.....Uh....Okay, what should I say....
(shudder) Oh, no..... But jail is fun though...
Screw the losers, No!
Yeah! Totally!

Question 5:   Why do you like (or dislike) this quiz?
Because, cops are my life! I might marry one you know....Wait. I said that didn't I?
Because I can tell you how I kick those stupid cop's ass's!
What if they track me down taking this quiz? Oh no! Why Am I taking this?
Cuz the cops can see how much I'd like to tear them apart!
You know, maybe I shouldn't be taking this quiz anyway...

Question 6:   What if I was a cop?
Oh you are? Let me kiss you, and hug you and... Will you marry me?
What are you gonna do? I don't want to die, I'm TOO YOUNG! (sobbing)
All right, you win, take me to jail... But how did you know I robbed the bank?
I would take each tooth out one by one, then rip your arms off, MUHAHAHAAH!

Question 7:   You're at home, then you see you're evil mom talking to a cop, glancing at you as she listens to him make his speech. You...
Run outside, with a knife in your hands, you stab both you're mom and the cop!
Try to do some explaining to the cop and your mom that you didn't do anything.
Run into your room and fall onto your knees, sobbing and pleading for death.
Sneak out of the back door and head for the bank again...
When your mom comes back in, you're screaming, red in the cheeks saying "What the hell did you tell the bitch?"

Question 8:   This quiz is almost over....
Oh, that's nice to know, I can then get to my book on cops in love....(sigh)
I sure hope the cops aren't around ( hear voices at the door)
I don't care, do you know any cops i could chop up?

Question 9:   What would you do to a cop?
I'd hug him, and kiss him, and of course, make out with him. Hee, hee!
THERE'S A COP? RUN! (scream)
I think it's back to the jail with me.... That's great, that's just great...
I don't know.....
Kill him. DUH!

Question 10:   Hey, you know, this is the last question...
oh, cool. Wanna go kill some cops?
Oh darn... My book fell apart.... NOW NO COP CAN MARRY ME! (starts to cry)
Whew! I'm glad, there might be a cop....around....Gotta go. Bye!
That's nice, dude...

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