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Did you live in prison or were you put in jail in another life..Part 2?
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Did you live in prison or were you put in jail in another life..Part 2?

Question 1:   Do you like to write books, poetry, or do you just like to write?
I am not very creative. I would rather read, or watch TV.
I love to write. I will write about anything. I even like to send letters to strange people.
I only type words. I hate to write by hand.

Question 2:   Do you like to draw?
I can't draw I don't know how to draw pictures or paintings.
I know how to draw stick figures.
Yes I love to draw. I have many drawings.

Question 3:   Have any of your family members or friends been to prison?
Most of my family and friends are in prison right now, or have been in prison, or jail.
My husband or boyfriend is in jail or prison.
Some people I have known have been in prison, or they were just getting out of prison or jail.
Only my best friends are locked away
I don't have anybody I know who is prison, or in jail.

Question 4:   Have you ever been locked up in this life?
I have never been to jail in this life.
I have never been to prison in this life.
I don't remember.
I have been to prison and jail many times (Or even just once)..

Question 5:   How many lies have you told?
I don't tell lies and when I've been caught in telling a lie I know I am still telling the truth. I usually get others to believe what I tell them.
I only lie when I need to
I have told a few lies.
I like to lie. I like to trick people. It's fun.

Question 6:   Did you lie while taking this test?
Yes I lied. I want to see how many times I can mess this test up with funny answers.
I am not telling you because it's non your business.
I am being truthful.
I was dishonest. I admit it.
I don't lie. I have been very truthful in taking this test.

Question 7:   You just stole something from a store. You’re caught. You say:
I don't know how that got there.
I'll pay you back as soon as I get my SSI check. I am poor. I needed food for my children the poor things are starving (Breaks down and cries) and I need food for myself. I am so hungry.
Sorry I will never steal from your store again.
Please don't call the cops on me. I didn't mean to take it.
You must have some very good cameras in your store because I have never been caught before.

Question 8:   Who do you normally call?
I only want to talk to my mother.
Nobody. I don't have the time.
Family members and friends.
I sometimes call my friends to see what they are up to. Maybe they want to go out and have some fun.
I don't own or have a phone. I only write people.

Question 9:   Do you believe you have been locked away in prison or jail in another life?
No I don't. I just wanted to take this test to see if I would pass.
Yes. I know why I am taking this test. There is a reason I don't get out much and I know why my life is so strange and messed up.

Question 10:   Do you do as you are told?
Yes I do what I am told. I don't want to fight with anyone. Yes master whatever you say I will do.
I sometimes do as I am told, while other times I act like a rebel.
Nobody tells me what to do. I do and say as I please.
I am scared of others so I do as I am told. Please don't beat me up. I will obey your every command.

Question 11:   Can you be around controlling people?
I have some controlling friends. I don't let them control me.
I know many controlling people and I liked to be controlled.
If you try to control me I will no longer be your friend. I hate controlling people. Get away you control freak.
I only control myself. I have control over my own life.

Question 12:   Do you write alot of prison inmates?
No. I don't write people in prison.
Yes I have many prison inmates I write to.
I have a few inmates I write to.
I don't have the time to write anyone. I am too busy.

Question 13:   When you were old enough to know better did you still like being put in your crib or play-pen?
Yes. In fact after I turned 13 years old I still wanted to be put in my crib.
After I was old enough to know better I still wanted to sleep with mom and dad. However they would not let me. My parents told me to grow up and sleep in my own bed, so I pulled out my old play-pen, or crib and slept there all night.
I wanted to be in my own bed after I turned 13 years old.

Question 14:   What do you do in a given day?
I exercise, get out side, go out with friends and have a blast.
I watch TV, go to work, take care of kids and home, same thing everyday. It gets boring but I have to do it.
I read, sleep, write, watch TV, eat food and sleep.
I am retired. I just sleep the days away.

Question 15:   Are you afraid of cops?
Cops don't frighten me. I frighten the cops.
If I act cool there will never be a problem with a cop.
No I am not afraid. I am clean and the cops have nothing on me anyway.
Yes and no. It depends on what the cops want.
Whenever a cop pulls me over I get real shaky and I feel weak. I about pass out. Please don't mention the word cop again.

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