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What kind of animal are you?
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What kind of animal are you?

Are you a cuddly kitten or a blood thirsty wolf?

Question 1:   Out of the following, what is your favorite food?

Question 2:   What is your favorite thing to do?
Chase something
Running through a big room

Question 3:   You see a bug in the grass. What do you do?
Eat it.
Well, I might chase it. I'm a born hunter.
Run! It's huge.

Question 4:   Imagine you are at a carnival and you have won...10 prizes. You see a small, lost child crying. You...
Walk by. I hate children. They scare me.
Give him 1, no, 2 of my prizes and then find his parents.
Walk up carefully...and slowly and get someone to help him.

Question 5:   You get invited to a swim party. You...
Tell the truth. You are terrified of water and wouldn't go if you got paid.
Say yes. That sounds like fun!
Go. There will be plenty to scare.

Question 6:   When you go to the mall you buy...
Some shoes and cheese.
Lot's of pink shirts.
Torture devices.

Question 7:   Your favorite band/artist is...
Hillary Duff.
Kill Hannah
Well, I like rubber bands and I'm not into art.

Question 8:   Your favorite movie is...
South Park
My Little Pony

Question 9:   When you do something with your friends you...
We go somewhere safe, like... the police department.
Go shopping for shoes, shirts, pants. Everything!

Question 10:   Why are you taking this quiz?
There is no one to torture.
I love playing with the computer mouse!
I, like, love the internet! Besides, I'm hoping I am a kitten, a cuddly kitten with cute little paws and...

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