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Are You Sexually Satisfied?

This is for the married women out there--are you satisfied with your sex life?

Question 1:   If you had to rate your sex life, it would be:

Question 2:   Does your frequency of lovemaking meet your needs?
I make love exactly as much as I want and need
I make love too much
I don't make love enough
I don't make love at all

Question 3:   Does your husband's penis satisfy you in terms of size?
Perfectly--I wouldn't want it to be a bit different
It is too big
It is good, but I wish it were larger
It is too small
It is tiny

Question 4:   Do you engage in sexual fantasies involving people besides your husband?
Every so often

Question 5:   If you had to grade your husband's skill at lovemaking, it would be:

Question 6:   Compared to your friends, do you think you are getting:
More sex than they
About the same amount
Less sex
Much less sex

Question 7:   If you could change one thing about your husband's penis, you would:
Not change it at all
Make it smaller
Make it longer
Make it thicker
Make it thicker and longer

Question 8:   Do you fake orgasms while making love?
Hardly ever
Every time

Question 9:   If you use sex toys, why do you use them?
Because it pleases my husband
Because my husband doesn't totally satisfy me
Because I can't orgasm without them
Because they do things for me my husband can't or won't
Because my husband's size or sexual technique doesn't totally satisfy me

Question 10:   On a scale of 1 to 5, how strong is your urge to have a sexual experience with someone other than your husband?
1-None at all
5-Very strong

Question 11:   How much does masturbation satisfy you sexually?
Not at all
Just a little
A lot

Question 12:   If you were going to cheat on your husband, it would be with:
A total stranger I picked up
A co-worker
A friend or acquaintance of mine
A friend or acquaintance of his
Another family member

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