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The LOTR Trivia Quiz
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The LOTR Trivia Quiz

If you know Lord of the Rings, then you will do well on this test. But be warned, some questions are pretty hard, so be sure u have read the books or seen ALL the movies.

Question 1:   What are the first words Frodo says in the Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring?
"Hello Gandalf"
"My name is Frodo"
"Good morning Bilbo"
"I'm hungry"
"You're late"

Question 2:   What is Galadriel to Arwen?
They're not related

Question 3:   What are the number of rings of power each race had?
Dwarves-9 Eleves-3 Men-7
Dwarves-3 Elves-9 Men-7
Dwarves-9 Elves-7 Men- 3
Dwarves-3 Elves-7 Men-9
Dwarves-7 Elves-3 Men-9

Question 4:   How are Merry, Pippin, and Frodo Related?
Third Cousins
Second Cousins
Fifth Cousins twice removed
They're not related

Question 5:   What is Merry's full name?
Merryweather Took
Merrigoun Greenleaf
Meverick Littlefoot
Merry Nob
Meriadoc Brandybuck

Question 6:   What is Pippin's full name?
Peperin Greenleaf
Peter Gorn
Peregrin Took
Pippin Halfling
Peregrand Drogo

Question 7:   Who is Strider?

Question 8:   What are Sam's last words in Lord of the Rings Return of the King?
"Well I'm Back"
"No, Frodo, don't go!"
"Farewell Gandalf"
"Goodbye Fellowship"
"Where is my breakfast?"

Question 9:   What is Bilbo's Auto Biography called?
The Hobbit: By Bilbo Baggins
Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring
He didn't have an Auto Biography
Bilbo Baggins: A Hobbit's Tale
The Hobbit: By Bilbo and Frodo Baggins

Question 10:   What is the name of Gollums friend, who he murdered?

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