Purity Test
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Purity Test

You may or may not have done all of these but be honest. I won't know which ones you have picked so just be truthful. The questions range from love to movies to dreams and aspirations.

Question 1:Have you ever been lucky enough to have that one boyfriend that just made you smile with a phone call just to see how you were or something small like that?
Question 2:Have you ever had a boyfriend?
Question 3:Have you ever seen a movie that left you speechless because it was that moving?
Question 4:Have you ever said that you liked somebody even though nobody else liked him?
Question 5:Have you ever told someone about your dreams of the future from others even if you thought they would laugh?
Question 6:Have you ever heard a song and it just felt right in the moment you heard it (ex. a love song when you just started going out with your boyfriend)?
Question 7:Have you ever seen a really hot guy and gotten up the courage to talk to him and found out that he is the total package (smart and cute)?
Question 8:Have you ever hung out with your friends and just lost track of time because of having so much fun?
Question 9:Have you ever been working so hard at something that was hard but you felt better after it was done?
Question 10:Have you ever gotten any awards or recognition for something good you did?
Question 11:Have you ever had a great time hanging out with family?
Question 12:Have you ever been so in love you couldn't concentrate on anything else?
Question 13:Have you ever thought you did terrible on a test or assignment and got it back with a good grade on it?
Question 14:Have you ever done something that you were scared to but it turned out great (ex. singing in front of an audience, having it be perfect pitch)?
Question 15:Have you ever just let your hair down and had more fun than you thought was possible?

This Quiz has been designed by Beth.