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The Awkward Test

Are you the odd one out in your neighborhood? Are you just different. To find out, take the Awkward Test.

Question 1:   The name that is most suitable for you is...
(Mr./Ms.) Popular
Metal Hoagie

Question 2:   What club would you most likely be in?
The coolest club there is.
Chess Club.
No one wants you in their club.
The club involving study in llama beavers on Mercury.

Question 3:   What food do you like the best of the following?
cricket nip

Question 4:   The most appealing hobby is...
going to dance parties or playing sports.
figuring out ways to not be a complete loser.
riding a mountain into the sun.
getting more educated.

Question 5:   Your kind of movies are...
you prefer to fly instead of wasting time watching movies.
adventure and horror
how to

Question 6:   Your favorite class in school is...
Any class with high educational value.
I dislike school.

Question 7:   So far I think this test is...
Evident to have high nuclear value

Question 8:   Your average grades are...
Ds, Fs, Gs, Qs, Rs, and Zs.
You mean there are more than just As.

Question 9:   You approach a total loser. You will most likely say...
"We're all losers on the inside."
"This mirror is broken."
"What a loser."
"You must have the lowest GPA on the planet"

Question 10:   Someone asks to copy your homework answers. You respond...
"Can I borrow one of your front teeth?"
"If you promise not to hurt me."
"Sorry. I didn't do it."
"That would deplete you of higher moral status."

Question 11:   You don't know an answer on a test. What do you do?
You always know the answer.
Copy someone else's answer.
Oh well. You're used to it.
Pick at your fingernail until the world comes to an end.

Question 12:   Your favorite TV show is a
Baby show
What's TV?
Talk show

Question 13:   Your favorite sport is...
I don't have time to enjoy sports.
Any sport is cool.
I dislike any sport that disencounterbalances the earth.
Running away from bullies.

Question 14:   Why did you take this test?
To realize that i am cool.
What test?
To notice I am not "awkward".
To prove that I am different.

Question 15:   What was your favorite question on this test?
This one.
Any one that made me feel happier.
Anyone that unlocked my full potential.
This test stunk.

This Quiz has been designed by JJ Spiker.