What Broadway show should you go to?
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What Broadway show should you go to?

Well, you may think that Broadway is for faggots and you will hate it but you are most likely wrong! See what Broadway show you would like!

Question 1:   Do you like dancing? What type?
Not a lot
Nothing. Dancing sucks. Or maybe hiphop type. Something hat could NEVER go on Broadway.
Exhilarating, sort of poppy (Twyla Tharp)

Question 2:   What type of music do you like?
Hiphop, rap or anything else anti Broadway
Traditional showtunes

Question 3:   What do you think of Hollywood?
Okay, but only musical that actually get into theaters are worth seeing
Pretty cool!
Terrible. Why would anyone pay to see that sh*t
Not too great, Broadway stars are under-appreciated
Amazing! Totally better than Broadway or any of that gay load of sh*t!

Question 4:   What do you like better?
Operas. Dialogue's not really my thing.
Musicals, but with plenty of acting, or maybe completely drama
Musicals with a lot of dancing and a good plotline.
Drama. But not if it's on Broadway.

Question 5:   What do you think of Catherine Zeta-Jones' talent?
Great! Very, very talented
Pretty good! But not so much in Chicago, I like her better in other movies.
Not so amazing. What's the big deal!
She's good but not my thing
What was she thinking doing Chicago! Otherwise I'd say she's good!

Question 6:   What types of movies do you watch?
Anything not a musical.
Nothing. I hate Hollywood.
Romantic Comedies

Question 7:   Who's your favorite actress?
Reese Witherspoon or Renee Zellweger
Sarah Brightman
I don't really know. Anyone that doesn't sing Broadway is fine with me. Someone like Jennifer Garner or Julia Stiles...
Bernadette Peters
Sutton Foster

Question 8:   What is your favorite genre of books?
Anything but I don't read much.
I don't read much but when I do, the classics are fine with me.
Anything from the age of the flapper!
Anything that wasn't turned into a musical.
Funny, all-the-way cheerful historical ones or historical fiction. Nothing too contemporary.

Question 9:   What type of clothes do you like?
Something outrageous and theatrical or something so I'll blend in.
Leather or suede, vintage outfits, that type of thing.
Bling bling or whatever's the it thing of the moment.
Something trendy, whatever's cool.
Flapper dresses

Question 10:   What type of ending do you like to a story.
Whatever. I don't have time to read when I'm watching E! Hollywood news.
A happy ending, triumphant. But I still want it to be happy all the way through.
A triumph after a conflict.
Anything but preferably happy.
Sad or scary. I don't like unrealistic happy endings.

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