Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Super Hard Quiz

In this quiz, I have put a question for each chapter. Let's just see how well you know the 5th book!

Question 1:   Who did Harry think that Dudley and his gang were beating up?
Peter Gray
Miles Behvens
Mark Evans

Question 2:   Who told Harry not to surrender his wand?
Sirius Black
The Ministry of Magic
Arthur Weasley

Question 3:   In the chapter -The Advanced Guard-, who is the wheezy-voiced wizard?
Emmeline Vance
Sturgis Podmore
Elphias Doge

Question 4:   To whom has Bill given private lessons to?
Gabrialle Delacour
Flow Debilynn
Fleur Delacour

Question 5:   When Mrs. Weasley says "Arthur! Arthur, back me up!" What does Mr. Weasley do?
Polish his glasses
Tell Mrs. Weasley that Harry can listen
Remains silent

Question 6:   Who started the family tradition of hanging the heads of House Elves once they were too weak to carry tea trays?
Aunt Andromeda
Aunt Narcissa
Aunt Elladora

Question 7:   What is the fountain's name that is in the Ministry of Magic?
the Fountain of Love Between all Creatures
the Fountain of Magical Maladies
the Fountain of Magical Brethren

Question 8:   What is Dumbledore's Second Middle name?

Question 9:   What is the new Defense Against the Dark Arts book called?
Wilbert Slinkhard's Magical Theory
Magical Defensive Theory
Defensive Magical Theory

Question 10:   Who did the Quibbler think that Sirius was?
A bartender
A lead singer of a band
A mad murderer

Question 11:   What was Professor Umbridge wearing?
A flowery bow and a velvet cardigan
Lime green robes
A velvet bow and a flowery cardigan

Question 12:   What should rise from the Draught of Peace?
Mist of Gray Vapor
Mist of Silver Vapor

Question 13:   What did Ron say the House-Elf hats looked like?
Wooly Bladders
Piles of wool
Dish rags

Question 14:   What did Cho forget?
It was her mom's birthday
Her new quill
Her Homework

Question 15:   What is the name of chapter 15?
The Hogwarts High Inquisitor
Detention with Dolores
Percy & Padfoot

Question 16:   Who was the Blond Boy?
Michael Corner
Smithy Scatt
Zacharias Smith

Question 17:   What was disbanded?

Question 18:   What is the charm Hermionie uses on the Galleons?
Warmth Charm
Protean Charm
Proctor Charm

Question 19:   What is Karkus?
a Grug
a gnome
a Gurg

Question 20:   Does Cho have freckles on her nose?
a few

Question 21:   Who is the healer from 1722-1741?
Dilly Pepperder
Dilys Derwent
Kellie Makrias

Question 22:   What dong did Sirius sing?
God Rest You Merrye Snowy Owl
God Rest You Merrye Housie Elves
God Rest You, Merrye Hippogriffs

Question 23:   What does Harry have to take?
Remidial Potions

Question 24:   Who is Hermionie with?
Cho & Rita
Ginny and Harry
Luna & Rita

Question 25:   What is banned next?
The Daily Prophet
Weird Sisters Wednesday
The Quibbler

Question 26:   What is Hermionie's Patronus?
A swan
An otter
A house elf

Question 27:   Who is going with Harry to save Sirius?

Question 28:   Who breaks their nose?

Question 29:   What kind of juice does Hagrid offer Harry?
Sunflower Juice
Dandilion Juice
Carnation Juice

Question 30:   What is the last chapter?
The Second war begins
Owl Post again
Beyond the Veil

This Quiz has been designed by Sara.