Should you ask her/him out?

Take this quiz when you wonder if you should ask the cutie your crushing on to be you girl/man.

Question 1:   Do you talk?
Yeah, but it's basically when we just make fun of eachother.
Of course, like everyday!
Every now and then.
Not completely, but every once in a while.

Question 2:   Do you two ever flirt?
Yeah, like all the time.
Only when we're alone and together.
Yeah at least once a day.
Not a lot, but sometimes.

Question 3:   Have you 2 talked on the phone?
Yeah, at LEAST 3 times a week.
Well not really, but I have their number or they have mine.
Maybe once or twice a week.
We've talked a couple times.

Question 4:   Do you guys have eachothers email address?
Yeah, but it was for school or something kinda important.
We've emailed eachother few times.
Yeah, we email eachother all the time!
Yeah, I guess 2-3 times a week.

Question 5:   How do you guys know eachother?
We're in a close circle of friends.
We say hi to eachother and talk every now and then.
We talk to eachother every now and then.
We say hi to eachother.
We don't really talk.

Question 6:   Have you heard that they like you?
Yeah, it's definitely true!
Yeah, but I'm not sure that they do.
No, but there are signs that he/she does like me.
No, but we flirt.

Question 7:   Does he/she look you in the eye?
Not really.
He/she doesn't wonder at ALL!
Yeah, but sometimes he/she looks away.
No, what's with that?

Question 8:   Have you noticed them looking at you?
Yeah, everyday, but not all the time.
No, but I look at them.
Yes, but that was only a few/couple times.
Yeah, but it was only once.
Yeah, everyday, and basically ALL the time!

Question 9:   Do their friends like you?
Kinda, but not really.
Yes, I'm basically friends with their friends.
Yeah, I guess they like me pretty okay.
We talk every now and then.

Question 10:   Have you guys ever had a really nice moment where you feel like they like you?
Yeah, that was awesome....
Yeah, but I'm don't think that he/she liked me.
Not really, we did have some fun times though.....
I felt a nice moment but he/she probably didn't.

Question 11:   What do you like this person for mainly?
Sorry, but they're just downright HOT!
Personality ALL the way.
Mainly for personality, and some for their looks.
I don't know what I see in him/her.
I don't like them, not really anyway.

Question 12:   Have you guys ever had just an ordinary conversation?
Pretty much, maybe a little flirty.
I think so, but I'm not sure.
I guess it was.

Question 13:   Do you guys have anything in common?
Yeah, but I don't think he/she know's it.
Yeah, it's not something we talk about though.
Yeah but it's not major.

Question 14:   How much do you think they like you?
5 Stars I know they do!
4 Stars It pretty possible!
3 Stars there's a chance.
2 Stars there's a slight chance.
1 Star Basically impossible.

Question 15:   Do you think they'd ever take this quiz about you? (if they saw it)
Most likely not.
Yeah, they might.
Yes, but not completely.

This Quiz has been designed by Arielle.