Which Music Man Character Are You?

Have you ever seen Meridith Willson's The Music Man? If you have, have you ever been bored enough to wonder which character you most resemble? If so, this is the quiz for you! Take it to find out - Marian, Harold, or a selection of others... (mystery time!)

Question 1:   What is your vocal range?
I don't know but I have a lisp
You can't even hear the notes I'm singing so fast

Question 2:   A mysterious stranger comes to town. What is your reaction?
Hide behind your mother's rocking chair and squeak out her lines
*tense violin chords*
Don't notice - you don't know anyone to begin with
Develop and immediate sense of dislike and suspicion of him

Question 3:   A pool table is:
A fine tool for recreation
The devil's tool
Look! It's early 1900's rap!
It'th neat, Amaryllith
Is that Captain Billy's Wizzbang I see?

Question 4:   15 minutes?
You dirty liar!
15 minutes *sighs* MOMMA!
Pause as you await an answer

Question 5:   What's your favourite dance number?
Pick-a-little Talk-a-little
Gary Indiana
Library scene
Anything but Shapoopi
You've Got Trouble

Question 6:   How would you respond to a party invitation?
Hang you head, say "No thank you..... Amaryllith..." *run away crying*
Fill out the background
I get to come! COOL!
Sell people stuff while you're there
Accept, but almost turn back halfway

Question 7:   What is your favourite prop?
Hands off the flute!
Ithn't thith the motht thcrumpthiouth tholid gold thing you've ever theen?
Books! Lots of books! (and sometimes a piano)

Question 8:   What do you think of Old Mieser Madison?
(I suppose you're referring to Uncle Maddy)
She was seen coming and going from his place!
I suppose you're referring to Uncle Maddy? My father's best friend?
Show off, I'd say!
I don't know. I was in my room crying and not talking because my father died.

Question 9:   He's a scam artist! How do you react?
Jesus, let me stop playing! No more tension music!
Let's tan his hide
Take the book to the mayor, then chicken out and rip out the page.
Oh... crap...

Question 10:   76 trombones led the big parade
Not this stupid dance number! Recognize us! We are so unloved! Oh the ungodliness of it all... (plays Risk)
Puh-leaze. The fact that you claim your commodity is music does not in this particular case impress me.
*cluster in a group with your parasols, think about Eulalie's reticence*
Will it have a... *make rapid arm movements*

This Quiz has been designed by Creden.