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Which member of Elsewhere are you?

Answer the questions below to find out which amazingly hot, musically gifted rock star in the band sensation, Elsewhere, you are!

Question 1:   What’s your favorite beverage?
Mountain Dew Code Red
Sunny D
Mountain Dew

Question 2:   If you could go anywhere for a day, where would it be?
Guitar Center
Taco Bell

Question 3:   Which of these musicians do you idolize most?
Travis Parker
Billy Corgan
Paul Gutacker
Christian Lindskog

Question 4:   You go to guy’s Bible study, and when it comes time to chip in money for pizza you give:
$4 – D
$10, and take 5 back in change
$2 – C
$25 (from your mom)

Question 5:   When playing a gig, you tend to:
Crack jokes and mack it with the ladies
Play really really fast
Run around stage wildly and unplug things
Drink lots of ghetto juice and smile

Question 6:   Your parents ground you for something you didn’t really do. How do you react?
Give them the silent treatment for 3 days
Go into your room and flip off all the family portraits
Argue passionately and kick over garbage cans
Pin your dad to the ground and sit on him until he believes you

Question 7:   You can choose between pizza or steak for dinner. You choose:

Question 8:   You’re on a twelve hour road trip, and in charge of the music. What eventually happens to your fellow travelers after listening to your selections?
They kill you
They think about girls and cry for hours
They get an urge to kill innocent people
They have a Holy Spirit hangover the next day

Question 9:   Ah. Driving down the road with the band, and a hot chick walks by. You say:
“Ghetto booty!”
“Dude, she’s not hot at all man. Ain’t got nothing. HAHAHAHAHA!”

Question 10:   You want to get the attention of the hottie walking by. So you . . .
Try to do a backflip quad-eight-spin-tiger-slash-suicide-dip off the back of the car
Flip her off and say “SHUT UP AND MAKE OUT WITH ME”
Get down on one knee and start reciting Shakespeare in elvish
Saunter up to her and make her laugh

Question 11:   You’re at a party and don’t know anyone except the girl you came with, and she’s with her friends. What do you do?
Dance by yourself
Find a lady and strike up conversation, which leads to dancing, which leads to a long walk in the moonlight
Eat and talk to the girl’s mom the whole time
Sit in a corner and eat

Question 12:   If you had one day left to live, you would spend it:
Trying to die in the craziest way ever, and possibly pull off a huge bike stunt at the same time
Eloping with the nearest female and doing it with her all day
Test driving an SLR McClaren really fast on 295
Playing Tecmo Super Bowl

This Quiz has been designed by Paul.