Boxing, The Sweet Science Quiz

Seconds OUT! Dive into this relatively easy boxing quiz, testing you knowledge of the sweet science, its history and its most dramatic moments.

Question 1:   Ok an easy one to start with, whom did the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali, fight in the Rumble in the Jungle?
Joe Frazier
Floyd Paterson
George Foreman
Joe Bugner

Question 2:   Ok that was easy wasn't it? Now lets get down to business. Who was the only undefeated Heavyweight Champion of the World?
Mike Tyson
Rocky Marciano
Larry Holmes
Jack Dempsey

Question 3:   Who was Roberto Duran fighting in the famous 'No Mas' title fight?
Iran Barkely
Thomas Hearns
Marvin Hagler
Sugar Ray Leanard

Question 4:   Whom did George Foreman defeat to regain the World Heavyweight Title?
Michael Moorer
Vladimir Klitchsko
Evander Holyfield
Tony Tucker

Question 5:   Which World Flyweight Champion was born in Clydesdale, Scotland?
Jim Watt
Benny Lynch
Ken Buchanan
Pat Clinton

Question 6:   Against whom did Jake LaMotta win his World Middleweight Title?
Sugar Ray Robinson
Tony Zale
Rocky Graziano
Marcel Cerdan

Question 7:   Who inflicted Joe Louis's first professional defeat?
Max Baer
Jersey Joe Walcott
Max Schmeling
Ezzard Charles

Question 8:   What was the result of the second meeting of Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn?
A draw
Stoppage Win for Eubank
Points win for Benn
Points win for Eubank

Question 9:   Who became World Middleweight Champion by defeating Nino Benvenuti?
Carlos Monzon
Alan Minter
Vito Antuofermo
Roberto Duran

Question 10:   In what round did Henry Cooper flatten Muhammad Ali with a left hook?

Question 11:   Against whom did Muhammad Ali have his last fight?
Larry Holmes
Trevor Berbick
Joe Bugner
Tim Witherspoon

Question 12:   Of whom was 'Somebody Up There Likes Me' an Autobiography?
Rocky Marciano
Joe Louis
Rocky Graziano
Joe Frazier

Question 13:   Who was the first British man to win the World Heavyweight Title?
Jack Sharkey
Henry Cooper
Lennox Lewis
Bob Fitzsimmons

Question 14:   What nationality is Teofillo Stevenson?

Question 15:   Who famously dumped the WBC Heavyweight Title Belt in a trashcan rather than defend it?
Evander Holyfield
Lennox Lewis
Frank Bruno
Riddick Bowe

Question 16:   Whom did Barry McGuigan beat to win his World Championship?
Eusebio Pedrosa
Azumah Nelson
Steve Cruz
Jim Watt

Question 17:   Whom did Jack Dempsey put down to spark 'the long count', during his attempt to win back the World Heavyweight Title?
Primo Carnera
James J Braddock
Gene Tunney
Max Baer

Question 18:   and in similar vein, against whom did Mike Tyson suffer a long count, before going on to lose his title?
Lennox Lewis
Evander Holyfield
Riddick Bowe
James 'Buster' Douglas

Question 19:   To finish off, two questions dedicated to the Greatest. Complete this famous Ali poem: 'I murdered a rock, hospitalized a brick, I'm so mean ....
I make medicine sick!
You can't tell how I tick!
They can't fight a lick!
I don't ever get a nick!

Question 20:   It is little known that Ali is credited as writing the shortest recognized poem in the English language. What is this poem?
I am the Greatest.
Rumble young man, Rumble.
We, Me.
If he run, he'll go in one.

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