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Fear Factor

Do YOU have what it takes to be the next Fear Factor champion?¿?¿?

Question 1:   What do you think of eating LIVE creatures?¿?
It's sick and wrong! How can you do that to poor, helpless, defenseless creatures like that? I am ashamed!
It's awesome! I do it all the time! I LIVE off of live food!
It's ok, occasionally, but not when you've just eaten cow fat...

Question 2:   How do you exercise?¿?
Jog a little, sleep a little, sleep a little more... it all works out
Does changing the channel with a remote count?
Push-ups and sit-ups every day! I am FIT!

Question 3:   How fit are you?¿?
I'm better than anybody that's been on Fear Factor!
A few sit-ups here and there, but otherwise I can't do anything
Ummm... I can lift the remote

Question 4:   Crocodile!
AWESOME! How about 10... and a few alligators too!
RUN AWAY! It's going to eat me!
I can handle that... I think...

Question 5:   Do you get *sick* easily?¿?
Depends on what's making me *sick*

Question 6:   How far would you go for $50,000?¿?
A walk down the street
I NEVER give up! Are you calling me a quitter?
Down a hole halfway to China

Question 7:   What happens to you under pressure?¿?
I can do pretty well, until I break down and cry, then I loose or die...
I win! NOTHING can stop me!
I run away, hide under my covers, and cry until I die

Question 8:   How many stunts are there in an normal episode of Fear Factor and how long is it?¿?
Ummm... there are some stunts and it's on until someone wins or everyone dies...
There are about 3 or 4 stunts and it's on for...ummm....a while? Yeah, that's it!
It's has 3 stunts and is on for an hour... every Monday night at 7!

Question 9:   What would your reaction be if you were chosen FIRST for a stunt?¿?
Why me? Do I have to? Fine, but you're just trying to make me loose!
Oooh Oooh! Pick me! I wanna go first!
Stunt? First? Me? I'm even more confused now, you lost me on question 1 and I've been confused since then

Question 10:   Which stunt is your favorite?¿?
Like I said, you've lost me
The one where you get to go home... after drinking cow's blood...

Question 11:   Who is the host of Fear Factor?¿?
Joe, duh!
Ummmmmmm... ummmmmm... ummm... C, no D, no A, is it B? Waa! I'm going under my covers to cry! TOO MUCH PESSURE!

Question 12:   Do you ever watch Fear Factor?¿?
Once or twice, why?
Every Monday at 7! I am there! But of course I am still doing push-ups while I watch!
Ummm... maybe

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