What type of drunk are you?

Answer honestly. Drunks hates posers...

Question 1:   You step into a liquor store. You:
Get dizzy. What is that smell anyway?
Buy a 6-pack. That's all you need
Buy some nuts
Go crazy, and spend half your pay check! Vow to the clerk on your way out...

Question 2:   You're at a club. They're serving non-alcoholic drink that night. You:
Are not surprised.
Disappointed, order an alcohol-free pinda colada
Yell at the waiter, remind him how ugly his mom is, and leave the club hitting some people on your way out.
Order a root beer.

Question 3:   Jack, Jim and Johnny are:
Some kindergarted classmates.
Never heard of them.
3 guys whose names start with a J.
The 3 best friends you've ever had!

Question 4:   Vodka is:
What I call a complete breakfast!
mmm a russian word?
A russian drink. They drink it because it's freezing all the time in Russia...

Question 5:   It's saturday night. You:
Are already sleeping.
Already passed out and got sick in the neighbors yard...
Are studying.
Are looking for a party.

Question 6:   It's sunday morning. You're having the worst hangover ever...
Hangover? I'm still drunk!
Hum? Stop asking stupid questions, I'm late for church...
What is a hangover?
I promise not to drink anymore.

Question 7:   Your friends tells you that you're drinking too much. You:
Listen to them, anyway, I've had enough
OK, I'll slow down on the cokes.
Pimp-slap them and leave them unconscious. Nobody tells you not to drink!
My friends never tells me that.

Question 8:   You throw up.
Mom! I'm sick!
Well, drinking is not for free... anyway, keep'em coming bartender! CHEERS!
Boy, that was some spicy food.
I have never thrown up.

Question 9:   A good looking girl/guy passes by your table. You:
Didn't see her. You were to busy drinking a jar bottoms up!
Pretend like you didn't see her. You're too shy.
Ask her if she has that Barbie Malibu you've always wanted.
Invite her a drink.

Question 10:   Your room is:
Just a place to sleep.
My study sanctuary.
Filled with empty bottles everywhere...
Beautiful! Painted in pink and my bed has Barney sheets!

This Quiz has been designed by Rob Cuevas.