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Purity Test
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Purity Test

See how pure you really are.. ;)

Question 1:The basics: (about the opposite sex) Have you ever... held hand?
Question 2:...hugged?
Question 3:...kissed?
Question 4:If so, was it a french-kiss?
Question 5:...danced with the opposite sex? (If no, answer NO to the next 2 questions)
Question 6:Was your dancing affectionate?
Question 7:Were u 2 GRINDING?:)
Question 8:Have you ever... masturbated?
Question 9:...been masturbated by the opposite sex?
Question 10:...had oral sex?
Question 11:...had sex?
Question 12:...had anal-sex?
Question 13:...had sex with someone who's name you didn't know?
Question 14:...kissed someone who's name you didn't know?
Question 15:Other stuff: Have you ever... tasted alcohol?
Question 16:...drank alcohol? (yes, there is a difference)
Question 17:...smoked cigarettes?
Question 18:...smoked anything else? (Mary Jane, etc.)
Question 19:...used any kind of other drugs?
Question 20:...gotten "legally high"? (aka. used prescription drugs/medication to get high)
Question 21:If you have earrings, do you have more than 6 altogether? (3 on both sides, or even 2 on 1 side and 4 on the other, but you get the point, right?)
Question 22:Do you have any tattoos?
Question 23:If so, more than 5?
Question 24:Do you have any piercings? (earrings not counted)
Question 25:If so, more than 5?

This Quiz has been designed by RapHunny^.