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Are You a Bandie Gone Wild?

Ever wondered what kind of wet and wild bandie you are? Are the trombonists'll have to take the quiz to find out.

Question 1:   What is your favorite kind of "play" toy you like to use in the band room?
Slide Lube/Cleaner

Question 2:   What do you like to do in your spare time in the band room?
Practice, Practice, Practice
Look up sex stuff on the internet
Annoy everyone else cause they're so damn loud

Question 3:   What do you do in the percussion section?
Wish you could have make out sessions
Venture back to find lost belongings ONLY
Watch make out sessions
Have make out sessions

Question 4:   Was your mom in band?
No, but she was a band wannabe
Yes, and I play flute just like her:)
Yes, and I like to play with their slide
Dad was a band pimp

Question 5:   How do you feel about your band director?
Band director? You mean permanent source of entertainment!
I love how he whispers little comments to us!
Wait, there's a band director? We never hear him..
He never stays with us when we play!

Question 6:   How long have you been in band?
I started out on a different instrument, but then the "call of the low instruments" came to me
Long enough to play exactly like Wynton!
4th grade. We haven't improved since then, really.
My whole life! I came out with a flute in my hand.

Question 7:   Can you play more than one instrument?
No, why would I want to?
Well, we can...but we don't know the notes or fingerings/positions...
Yeah, piccolo and flute. They're different instruments, right?
Sure. Who can't?

Question 8:   What's your favorite thing about parades?
Switching places in the parade...and maybe switching instruments. Whether we can play them or not doesn't matter!
When it's over. I hate lugging that damn instrument around..
We get to play loud and we don't get yelled at for it!
Marching and playing! My instrument's so light it practically marches by itself!

Question 9:   Are you friends with everyone in the band?
Sure! Why wouldn't they want to be friends with us?
Probably not. Who cares?
Only my sexton buddies! No one else likes to talk to us..
As long as they're not percussionists.

Question 10:   At the end of the year when the seniors leave, will your section still be strong?
Of course! As long as one of us can play ffff, the legacy will continue.
Damn straight, as long as I'm in it!
We're not too strong to begin with..
All day strong, all day long.

This Quiz has been designed by Jess Kalamazoo.