What's Your Patronus?

Throughout the ages, there has been one question on the minds of wizards and muggles alike. This is a test to see what your true guardian animal is by looking deep within yourself.

Question 1:   Out of all virtues, the one that is most sacred to you is...

Question 2:   If someone views you as a person, what would you wish them to see?
I don't care what people think of me, only what I think of myself
To see I am resourceful and can conquer anything that comes my way
That I am hard-working, fun and carefree
Independence and respect
That I am a loving person who adds wonder to every day

Question 3:   Every person wears a mask to hide and to protect themselves from the world. Beneath your facade, who would you say you are?
Someone who wishes to be great
One who finds comfort in love and in others
One who lives day-to-day trying to find the truth behind the veil
One who finds comfort and love in myself
A loyal and just person who tries to make the best of a situation

Question 4:   What's your house?
I'm not restricted to a house - those are only labels

Question 5:   What is the meaning of life?
To live day-to-day in faith of tomorrow
To go through each day trying to learn and to discover what you need to in this lifetime
To explore and to take in all the world has to offer
To achieve what you want and to live a happy life for yourself and those you choose to cherish it with
To discipline the flesh to follow your greater spiritual path

Question 6:   Magic is:
A means to an end
A power that should only be used by a fully-qualified wizard
Something that should be respected and handled with the utmost care
A useful tool in getting what you want as well as helping whom you can
A way to find your true path

Question 7:   I fear death.
Not sure
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree

Question 8:   I often feel ____ for no reason.

Question 9:   Is a half-glass of water half-full or half-empty?
Empty - any fool can see that
I really don't know
Full - it just is and always will be
Full - it is better to have than to have not
Empty - it just is

Question 10:   Rebellion has broken out through the land. You find an underground organization working to stop the oppressors. There are spies everywhere and the penalty for joining such an organization is death. What do you do?
Help who you can while also keeping yourself safe
Refuse to join - this regime doesn't really affect me and will pass. This is not worth dying over
Join anything to help my comrades
Join and become a double agent
Join and valiantly fight the oppressors till the end

Question 11:   What is the course you would transcend in?
The dark arts, as long as no one is hurt
Defense against the dark arts

Question 12:   A tower is burning. Six strangers and one relative are trapped inside. You can either save the six strangers or the one relative, but not all. Whom do you save?
Assess the situation, determining who is the biggest benefit to society, and act based on that
The six strangers - it is for the greater good
The six strangers - it is noble
The one relative - your loyalties lie with your kin
The one relative - I couldn't live with the guilt

Question 13:   What quidditch position would you play?

Question 14:   Out of these animal traits, which do you think is your father's favorite?
Ability to accept
Ability to adjust
Ability to lead
Ability to reason
Ability to commune

Question 15:   Which of these magical items would you choose to receive?
One of Ron's sweaters. It's not magical, but if I get really hungry, I could eat it
Sorcerer's stone
Invisibility cloak
A book of spells

This Quiz has been designed by adam alonso.