Are you mad?
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Are you mad?

Do you get mad easily? or are you a forgiver?

Question 1:   You discover a friend is spreading rumors about you. You...
Rip everything in sight while screaming the highest pitch possible and the highest volume possible.
Get angry but hold it inside.
Spread rumors about your friend.
Calmly go up to her and ask if this is true.
Realize she was just having an off-day, and forget about it.

Question 2:   You ask a friend to hang out and they say they have to study for a huge test tomorrow. Later on, you see her with another friend. You...
Run up to her and scream insults in her face.
Get angry but leave and walk away.
Invite everyone but her to a party, and make sure she knows.
Walk up to her and calmly ask what is going on.
Forgive her and realize she needed a break from studying.

Question 3:   You have been dreading your math final ever since you discovered you had one. A few days before the test you realize you are totally unprepared. You...
Scream so load the windows break and scream even louder when you hear you have to pay for repair.
Pretend you are prepared but secretly dread the test.
Confuse your friends by telling them the wrong equations so you won't be the only one with a bad score.
Go ask your teacher for private help or hire a tutor.
Know that whatever score you get, you will still be you.

Question 4:   Your boyfriend/girlfriend dumps you. You...
Scream and yell till he/she takes you back in fear.
Stare at him/her blankly while emotions stir up inside.
Make all his/her future gf/bfs' lives horrible
Ask him/her why.
Think everything that happens is meant to happen, and move on.

Question 5:   Your friend is acting different than normal, in an annoying way. You...
All of a sudden jump out in front of her and yell "I never want to see you again"
Just let it go by hoping it will end soon.
Come to school looking way different than normal and act different than normal.
Ask them what is up.
Believe she is in a phase and all will be better soon.

Question 6:   Of the IM smiley faces, which one expresses you most?
The angry face
The unsure one
The winking one
The smiley one
The angel one

Question 7:   From one to 10, 10 being never, 1 being all the time, how often do you get mad?

Question 8:   When your parents refuse to let you go to a party, you...
Slam your door and sneak out anyway
Quietly leave but dream and wonder about the party all night long.
Switch your dad's hair gel with your mom's shampoo.
Sit down and discuss the pros and cons.
Say "ok" and go upstairs and read a magazine.

Question 9:   When you grow up you will most likely...
go to jail
Be an athlete
Be a prankster and cheat people of their money.
Become a lawyer
Become a priest

Question 10:   How would other people describe you?
Always Angry
Seems there is some anger inside
Always getting revenge
Keeps referring to constitutional amendments
Always thinks of others first

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